Morning earthquake shook SoCal – NBC Los Angeles

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook parts of southern California early Sunday.

The quake, originally 3.9 magnitude, was located near the township of Maywood in southern LA County, about eight miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The magnitude was later downgraded to 3.6.

Mild to moderate tremors were reported in the immediate area, the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and other locations around 7 a.m.

The USGS shake reports page received more than 2,200 responses early Sunday. Some local residents said they heard a distant rumble before the shake.

“It was a bit nervous at first. I heard a distinct noise, a slight vibration, and was then upgraded to a full-fledged shake, ”said Dennis Verdeses, who lives near the epicenter of the quake.

The quake was about 10 miles deep.

What you feel in a small earthquake like this morning depends on how close you are to it. Since it’s 10 miles deeper, everyone is at least 10 miles away from it. The closer you are, the sharper the movement. You can submit a felt report at

– Dr. Lucy Jones (@DrLucyJones) October 24, 2021

There were no damage reports.

LA County’s neighborhood fire departments conducted a survey of their areas and checked the transportation infrastructure, residential buildings, and power lines.

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