More “smash-and-grab” robberies increase security in shopping malls, please note when shopping – CBS Los Angeles

Los Angeles (CBSLA) – Los Angeles Police Department has taken extra care this year to address holiday crimes as the number of robberies appears to be increasing.

From the San Fernando Valley to the west side of LA, shoppers saw a visible police presence in local malls.

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“Definitely more security – noticeable,” said shopper Earl Evans.

The increase in security comes after a series of so-called “smash and grab” attacks, in which barriers such as windows are destroyed and objects are then stolen.

A new case was on Wednesday night when a security guard attacked a Nordstrom store in Canoga Park with bear spray and the burglars left with valuables.

In Westfield Century City, uniformed officers were on patrol on foot on Friday while expandable barriers were ready to be installed.

“We are closely monitoring the situation with smash-and-grab attacks across the county. We have a great relationship with the LAPD and local authorities and are working with them to make sure we are fully prepared, ”said Louis Schillace, Senior General Manager, Westfield Century City.

According to the LAPD, more than 130 home robberies have been recorded in the past few months.

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Former LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says don’t allow yourself to be a target.

“Don’t be so conspicuous with what you’re wearing. Take care of the bags you carry, ”said McDonnell.

Over in Rancho Park – the Rosenthal-Davis family forego Black Friday shopping.

They prefer to play Whiffle Ball while Dad doesn’t do the crowd.

–Sot– Noah Davis / park visitor 109-115

Instead of going to the mall where things might happen. Go play and order online. There are great deals on Cyber ​​Monday.

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In addition to adding extra security in local shopping malls, LAPD chief Michel Moore said the department is forming a new task force this week to tackle the recent surge in robberies.

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