Metro gives the green light to two private companies developing transit concepts for the Sepulveda corridor

Metro has issued a follow-up notice to two private sector teams to officially begin pre-development work on the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project concepts for a new, high-performance transit line that will connect the San Fernando Valley to Westside and eventually LAX.

The Pre-Development Agreement (PDA) contracts have now been signed and enable Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners – Bechtel to further develop the proposed heavy rail concept and LA SkyRail Express to further develop the proposed monorail concept.

Metro is slated to begin the environmental review for the project in the fall of this year. Alternatives for the project, including concepts from PDA partner teams, will be refined as part of this process and include extensive public feedback and technical analysis.

If the Metro board of directors selects a PDA concept as a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), the selected private sector team may have the opportunity to submit a proposal to build and possibly fund the project. Metro reserves the right to pursue a different project and delivery route if necessary, which gives the agency the greatest possible flexibility to create a project that meets Metro’s strict requirements.

Metro’s announcement follows Metro Board approval earlier this year for a $ 69.9 million contract with Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners – Bechtel and a $ 63.6 million contract with LA SkyRail Express. For specific information on PDA project team proposals, click here.

PDAs enable contractors to be involved in Metro’s transit project at an early stage and increase the likelihood that the project can be built through a public-private partnership that enables innovations in design, engineering, construction concept, financing and operation. The PDAs will bring in the private sector expertise and creativity early on when critical design and engineering decisions can have the greatest impact on the ultimate success of the project. The idea of ​​using a PDA for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project was a key part of several unsolicited proposals submitted to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation in 2016.

The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project is funded in part by Measure M, the traffic sales tax approved by 71 percent of Los Angeles County’s voters in 2016. The overall project is funded by Measure M and other local, state, and federal sources.

Further project information can be found at


“Now that our partner teams are able to refine their concepts, Metro can begin preparing for the environmental phase – the first step in implementing a project that will address our notorious traffic problems at Sepulveda Pass 405 and neighboring communities,” said Metro Board Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Los Angeles County, Hilda L. Solis. “This project will offer a tremendous alternative to driving a car in the region and bring new transit options to an auto-centered region where local passengers are at the forefront.”

“With all the agreements that have now been made, we are confident that we will be able to support a process that will benefit future road users in this important corridor,” said Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins. “We will be customer-centric and committed to public transparency and inclusion at every step of this process.”


Here are the five routes being investigated for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project

Contracts for pre-development work on Sepulveda transit project approved by Metro Board

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