“Mayhem” Miller was punished on further crime charges following an alleged bar fight

Jason Miller was believed to have been involved in a pub brawl just days before he was arrested for domestic violence in September.

While Miller was not arrested in the alleged incident after the police arrived and the situation had already been resolved and the parties declined to bring charges. But one man reportedly ended up with broken ribs – and now Miller has been charged with assault and assault, according to a report from TMZ.

It’s just the latest in trouble for “Mayhem” Miller, a former UFC and Strikeforce fighter whose incident sheet is riddled with incidents after his fighting career ended.

According to TMZ, Miller broke a man’s ribs in a fight. And while the alleged victim initially did not file a complaint, he gave in after his hospital visit. So the police charged Miller with assault and assault.

Just days after the alleged pub brawl, Miller was arrested for domestic violence and held on bail of $ 1.385 million.

According to the report, a woman called the police who responded to the call in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. When they arrived, they found that the caller was showing signs of physical trauma to her face and neck.

When Miller did not cooperate with the responding officers, the report said, it resulted in a fight. After being tasered, Miller was handcuffed, taken to a hospital for an examination, and then booked.

It’s not the first time that one of Miller’s arguments about the law has involved domestic violence.

Former UFC fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller jailed after being charged with multiple crimes

Report: Mayhem Miller faces four years’ imprisonment after another argument with the law

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller pleads guilty of domestic violence and receives suspended and suspended sentences

In May Miller was sentenced to 364 days in prison and two years probation for vandalism and attempted aggravated theft. At that point, he was already in jail waiting for a verdict to be pronounced.

In July 2019, he was sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to the crime of vandalism and violating a protection order against him. At this point he was already back in jail on a separate vandalism charge.

In 2018 he was charged with vandalism.

In 2017, he pleaded guilty to domestic violence and received a four-year suspended sentence plus three years probation.

His criminal record contains further arrests for vandalism, a DUI, alleged attacks on police officers, violations of the protective order, bodily harm and trespassing.

In 2011, he was charged with assault and wrongful imprisonment for keeping his sister in a headlock at a party and not letting go. In 2014, he live tweeted a standoff with a SWAT team outside his home when it arrived on a domestic violence arrest warrant.

Miller ended his fighting career in 2016 with a 28-10 record. He returned from a four-year retirement to fight at Venator FC 3 in Italy and was entered in the second round.

His tenure at UFC included three fights, all losses – a TKO loss to Michael Bisping after training with him in Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter, and a decision loss to CB Dollaway at UFC 146 and a decision loss to Georges St -Pierre at UFC 52 in 2005.

His résumé includes fights with Chael Sonnen, Tim Kennedy, Frank Trigg, Ronaldo Souza and Jake Shields – all losses. But he has important wins against Kennedy, Robbie Lawler and Denis Kang.

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