Macho bagged the record; Little Russell Terrier is the fastest dog to operate bases in the MLB Stadium – Orange County Register

It is official. Macho, the fast, balloon-biting Russell Terrier is world record holder.

Macho became the fastest dog to ever run the bases at a Major League Baseball stadium, sliding the base trails at Dodger Stadium in 21.06 seconds on Friday, September 24th.

The tiny speedster was measured by a Guinness World Records referee who flew from New York to Los Angeles to record the historic canine event.

“I didn’t sleep at all, nervous nervousness,” said macho owner and trainer Lori Signs. “No matter what, he’s still a dog. It could be a stray pigeon, a gopher, or a falling leaf. We all just held our breath. “

Lucy Pets Russell Terrier Macho sits with his Guinness World Records plaque after setting the world record for the fastest time for a dog on the bases. Macho set the record with a time of 21.06 seconds on Friday, September 24, 2021 at Dodger Stadium. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News / SCNG)

After spending a year and a half teaching the four-legged wonder the intricacies of baserunning, it all boiled down to a lap around the bases in the legendary home of Dodger Blue.

Macho, sponsored by the Lucy Pet Foundation and Lucy Pet Foods, was ready for his little journey.

Small balloons were placed on the bases to motivate the San Fernando Valley pooch to touch each base as it rolled around – a requirement for the Guinness World Record.

Why balloons? He loves her or hates her; its owner is not sure. But he definitely bangs her. With pleasure.

The signs beamed with pride as she told of the record run her four-paw student had completed.

“He was perfect,” she said. “He did a Grand Slam home run. It was wonderful. I am so proud.”

Macho had to beat a time of 24 seconds to set the record. No problem.

“He smoked it,” said Signs. “I started crying as he crossed the homeplate. All my emotions came forward. “

Later, after a well-deserved rest, macho dined on a plate of prime rib at home. Probably tastier than a balloon, but no less tempting.

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