Luxury RV maker struts its stuff on Santa Monica Place

SANTA MONICA, California – Busy visitors to Santa Monica Place will have more options to shop for luxury cars this Christmas season. The Italian motorhome manufacturer Wingamm is parked on the concrete next to Tesla, which has long had a sales area in the mall, and Mercedes, which has just opened a showroom in which its new EQ electric limousine is being presented.

A new addition to the US in the luxury RV segment, Wingamm Oasi 540 is designed as a studio apartment on wheels that seeks to break away from the simultaneous and growing trends of glamping, van living, remote work, and one of one Pandemic-inspired interest in nature – with an Italian twist. Born of a 51 year old luxury furniture maker, Wingamm imports home décor details into its RV, complete with artisanal Italian curtains, linens and pillows, and of course leather.

What you need to know

  • The Wingamm Oasi 540 is an Italian luxury motorhome
  • It’s making its SoCal debut at Santa Monica Place this holiday season
  • The compact motorhome is designed as a studio apartment on wheels
  • The Oasi fits into a standard size parking lot

“A new class of consumers are used to buying their emerging products like a Peloton bike or an iPhone in a high-end retail setting,” said Tony Diamond, North American exclusive distributor for Wingamm Motorhomes, who offered a one-hour tour of his oasis. carries out 540 compact motorhomes by agreement. “We see the Wingamm as an equally innovative product, so we thought that it doesn’t make a lot of work in the middle of nowhere, but rather belongs to the side of other innovative brands.”

What makes it innovative is its size and shape. The Oasi 540 is only ten inches longer than a Honda Odyssey minivan, so it fits in a traditional street parking lot instead of a dedicated RV parking space. But it is the fiberglass monocoque shell that enables Wingamm to get more space out of its cozy confines and to use every nook and cranny.

This shell allows the kitchen (with mini-fridge, hob, and sink), bathroom (including shower, toilet, sink, vanity, and medicine cabinet), and living areas to be larger than other compact RVs with similar footprints, Diamond said.

What is unique is that the main bed can be embedded in the ceiling and lowered and / or stowed away there for sleeping. A small ladder is attached to its frame for sleepers to climb up and down. A second bed can be configured from the banquet seating and the table directly below, with the help of an additional pillow that tucks into the upper bed when it is attached to the ceiling.

When it is not used for sleeping, the ground floor has five seats – three on the bench and two more on the captain’s chairs in the driver and passenger seats, which can be turned from looking through the windshield to looking back. And for everyone who doesn’t want to look inside at least from the outside, there are blackout screens everywhere.

“We looked at every mobile home. We went to every show looking for an RV that really felt like a replacement for a nice studio, ”said Diamond, the co-owner and co-manager of high quality furnished apartment buildings in the LA area.

He started entering the RV market 2 1/2 years ago after seeing the rise of glamping and van life trends, especially among digital nomads who easily move between urban areas in a compact, chic and spacious mobile space and want to move to remote areas. This trend only picked up speed during the pandemic. According to the RV Industry Assn. RV shipments are expected to beat 2020 numbers by 34% this year.

However, none of the RVs Diamond saw in person fit the bill. But just as he was about to give up, he came across a YouTube video of Wingamm. Over the next week, Diamond said he and his partner flew to Italy to meet with the CEO.

And now the Oasi 540 is in Santa Monica, hoping to find shoppers who are just as enthusiastic about Wingamm as they are, before venturing across the country on what Diamond has dubbed the National Wingamm Road Show.

Wingamm Oasi 540 will be parked in Santa Monica Place until December 15th. Built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, it is available in black and white exterior versions with two interior fittings and options for bike rack and trailer hitch upgrades. Prices start at $ 145,000 excluding shipping from Italy. Reservations are fully refundable and cost $ 1,000. To confirm the order prior to production, Wingamm will charge a non-refundable deposit of $ 14,500. The Oasi 540 will go into production in spring 2022.

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