Los Angeles students participating in exercise and extracurricular programs must be fully vaccinated by the end of the month

The push to vaccinate students against COVID is shifting to after-school activities in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC

Los Angeles students participating in exercise and extracurricular programs must be fully vaccinated by the end of October.

Schools like Garfield High School in East Los Angeles will pull unvaccinated adolescents from their favorite sport or extracurricular activities if they are not vaccinated.

“Obviously, depending on the type of activity, they’re in school a little longer. They’re closer together,” said Andres Favela, director of Garfield High School, Lilia Luciano, of CBS News.

Many of the 2,400 students attending Garfield High School have seen the devastation firsthand COVID-19 can cause.

The predominantly Latino community was one of the hardest hit areas in LA. That’s one of the reasons the entire Garfield High School football team was vaccinated weeks before the term of office expired.

Favela said he has seen a decline in positive cases among students since the school district announced its vaccination mandate. He said that although some parents believe it is up to them to decide when children should be vaccinated, high school requirements are the same as high school requirements local and state mandates.

“We understand this perspective in any case. We do not force anyone. We are of the opinion that vaccination as a district in accordance with the state and federal government is the clear way to safely return to school, back to normal”, said Favela.

But not everyone was initially convinced. Quarterback Jaison Vargas said he and his family had their doubts.

“People said they had other health problems with it. It wasn’t safe for them so we weren’t sure and we waited until the last minute. And I had to get it because I wanted to continue my football.” Season and I wanted to protect everyone, “said Vargas.

Some concerned parents have called football coach Lorenzo Hernandez to express their hesitation.

“You know we heard some things from some parents who were concerned, but we always assured them the science and one thing that I always use as an example, I said.” You know what? I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. I don’t think it was safe, “said Hernandez.

According to the CCD, unvaccinated teenagers with COVID-19 are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who received the syringes.

For Christian and Monica Ramos, who have two boys on the soccer team, the order makes just as much sense as helmet and padding.

“It’s a role model because if high school kids can, adults can. I don’t see why not,” said Monica Ramos.

According to Favela, about 30% of all students, whether or not they participate in extracurricular activities, must still be fully vaccinated by Jan. 10.

If they do not have and do not have a qualified medical exemption, they will not be admitted to campus and will instead be referred to a separate course of study.


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