Los Angeles Lakers lose the Battle of Los Angeles to the Clippers

In what could be described as the “Battle of the Network Stars,” the story of the Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers game was that ESPN dropped the game in favor of the rematch between the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

The game was discontinued after LeBron James was listed on the NBA health and safety protocols. But after LeBron was released after two negative COVID tests, it was too late to put things on hold and the ship had sailed.

But is the timetable change a change in times? After the deal with Russell Westbrook, the Lakers had a whopping 43 games on national television. Now that the Lakers aren’t overwhelmed with one of the easiest schedules in the NBA full of home games in this 12-11 game, they may not need to watch on TV anymore …

. @ stephenasmith says the Lakers must be afraid of the suns

“The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of making a big mark on the LeBron James era. pic.twitter.com/iB5VHGwyag

– First Take (@FirstTake) December 3, 2021

“Shall I tell you where fear is appropriate?” Said Schmied. “Fear counts when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers. They are the ones who should be scared [Phoenix] To sunbathe. They are the ones who should be scared [Golden State] Warriors, because the Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of putting an emphatic exclamation mark on the LeBron James era. There’s no LeBron James era if you’re not in the finals. … It’s not LeBron James’s fault. When this brother is healthy we know what he’s bringing to the table, but because of the rest of the team, the Lakers are on the verge of becoming irrelevant in the championship equation. “

Los Angeles Lakers folks are irrelevant. ESPN just told you … Lake Show Life put it on for two months and their 12-12 record says it all.

The Lakers lost 119-115 to the Los Angeles Clippers. This is no longer about the Big 3. I’m tired of talking about it. The best player on the floor was Malik Monk. Anyone who says otherwise has checked out the Warriors / Suns game. It’s amazing to sit back and watch a bunch of veterans sleepwalk through the entire fourth quarter in defense without being able to guard a simple game of pick and roll.

Bottom line … NOBODY is scared of the Los Angeles Lakers. If Isaiah Hartenstein, who barely made the Clippers list at the end of the training camp, does so …

This is no longer about basketball analysis. Let’s talk about reality.

The good of the Los Angeles Lakers loss:

Introducing the center for your Los Angeles Lakers… DeAndre… Oops! Dwight Howard!

There are Lakers fans dancing in the streets now that DeAndre Jordan is officially out of rotation. Some may even have laughed at the headline joke. Either way, Dwight Howard is the Lakers ‘center, and if Rajon Rondo stays in his ear and keeps him on track, it could go far in the Los Angeles Lakers’ improvement plans.

Dwight Howard came out dedicated and made some impressive pieces early on.

Look, this writer knows what this guy can do. In fact, there was a personal letter to the Los Angeles Lakers a few years ago asking for Dwight to be signed!

However, Dwight Howard is known for doing some strange things on the court that mess up his positive plays. Can someone pass this old article on to him so that he can read it?

He finished with 6 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. In the crunch time he disappeared for the small lineup and the Lakers were burned! Why Dwight didn’t fall by the wayside when it came to rim protection will remain a mystery as long as Vogel remains head coach.

Malik Monk’s second half!

Man, this guy is making millions of dollars for his future. At this point he has to realize that with his defensive weaknesses he has to put the ball in the basket and throw 3 point shots. In the second half he was on fire.

Monk went goalless in the first half and lost 20 points in the second. Despite missing three in crunch time, it was one of the main reasons the Lakers made their comeback.

The Lakers shot well for the most part!

The Lakers shot 50 percent from the field and a respectable 36 percent from the 3-point country. There is only one problem, however. Read on to see what the problem was.

The worst of the Los Angeles Lakers loss:

The Lakers (ESPECIALLY ANTHONY DAVIS!) Cannot shoot free throws!

That team missed eight free throws … Anthony Davis missed four of them and they lost four points. Not the greatest mathematician in the world, but that makes a difference. How did the clippers ask?

The Los Angeles Lakers sponsored a Clippers Parade to the Free Throw Line!

This wasn’t the best shooting exhibition by either team, to say the least. The main difference (or problem!) Was the free throw line. That happened to be the number one weapon of the Clippers on the offensive. They shot 20 free throws in the first half, 19 of which were knocked down. More worryingly, they shot 16 of them in the second quarter alone. The Lakers did a better job in the second half but, as Stu Lantz said, it was because they hit shots.

The Lakers guards can’t stop dribbles from entering … EVER!

Folks in Lakers Nation understand that if the Lakers go into basic zone defense run by high school teams, it should shed some light on how bad the guards are at perimeter defense. Eric Bledsoe is well on his way to a career abroad and has had no problems getting to the basket to foul and take free throws.

The story of the Los Angeles Lakers loss:

The Los Angeles Clippers played the same game for ENTIRE fourth quarter and the Lakers couldn’t stop it!

Let’s set up the scene like Paul George did. He shot 7-20 and missed all seven 3s. Frank Vogel thought it was a good idea to double it up every time to get the ball out of hand. It seemed that this was happening, that Luke Kennard or Marcus Morris were going to let the shots off from all over the floor.

It seems that the mainstream media is at most five months and at least six weeks behind Lake Show Life!

The sand of the hourglass will flow until the end of Frank Vogel’s tenure as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lake Show Life staff sowed doubts in the offseason and issued a statement after the second game of the season! After the Lakers embarrassed themselves against the Sacramento Kings a week ago, Frank Vogel left the blame to Rob Pelinka, the Rambises and Jeanie Buss.

Well, the big sports networks had already packed the Los Angeles Lakers’ bags for the NBA Finals in June, well, something has changed lately, hasn’t it?

This loss and all other losses are due to the front office. You see, NBA games rarely get kicked off this early in the season. Moving from ESPN to the NBA League Pass final channel is a serious drop. This is business. Stephen Curry, Chris Paul and their respective teams are now the season’s narrative. The Lakers are old news.

The Big 3 should be embarrassed. There was no urgency to take this game and win. They don’t play hard for Frank Vogel so let’s stop fooling ourselves. You have three days to hand over the keys to Phil Handy or David Fizdale.

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