Los Angeles grocery shoppers are terrorized by bears strolling the aisles

A baby bear was caught on camera casually strolling through a Los Angeles grocery store on Saturday morning.

The bizarre scene occurred at a Ralph’s grocery store in the Porter Ranch suburb of Los Angeles.

A bear was filmed casually walking down a Ralph’s in Los Angeles.

Actress Tisha Campbell posted a video of the bear saying she happened upon her local Ralph and saw it.

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Other buyers can be seen in the video and appear completely unimpressed as the bear strolls down an aisle.

Witnesses told FOX 11 that the bear wandered into the store and was eventually scared away by staff.

California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife located the 120-pound bear behind a nearby Walmart, reassured it, and relocated it deep into the Angeles National Forest, KCAL reported 9.


No injuries were reported.

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