Los Angeles Dodgers Prospect Rankings for the 2022 Season

Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus recently unveiled their top 10 list of Los Angeles Dodgers prospects for the 2022 season. While the rankings share many similarities, there are also some notable differences.

Baseball America, for example, ranked Diego Cartaya as the top Dodgers prospect, while Baseball Prospectus gave the honors to Miguel Vargas. Cartaya is the organization’s #2 ranked by Baseball Prospectus and Vargas is ranked #3 by Baseball America.

Sandwiched between Cartaya and Vargas on Baseball America’s Dodgers Top 10 list is Bobby Miller at No. 2. The rest of the ranked list consists of Michael Busch (No. 4), Ryan Pepiot, Andy Pages, Landon Knack, and Eddys Leonard Andre Jackson and Wilman Diaz.

Eight of the above players are also included on Baseball Prospectus’ Dodgers prospects list, albeit in different places. The only exceptions are Knack and Diaz, who placed outside of the publication’s top 10.

After Vargas and Cartaya, Baseball’s top 10 Dodgers list includes Prospectus Miller (No. 3), Pages, Pepiot, Busch, Maddux Bruns, Jorbit Vivas, Leonard and Jackson.

Additionally, the Dodgers had five prospects earning recognition on Baseball America’s Top 100 list for the 2022 season, led by Cartaya at No. 23 and Miller at No. 38. They are joined by Vargas (No. 40), Busch ( No. 76) and Pepiot (No. 99).

On Baseball Prospectus’ Top 101 list, the Dodgers were represented by four prospects. Vargas leads at No. 36, followed by Cartaya (No. 55), Miller (No. 63), and Pages (No. 68).

Dodgers prospect rankings for the 2022 season

outlook position Baseball America baseball prospectus
Diego Cartaya catcher 1 2
Bobby Miller jug 2 3
Michael Varga Third baseman 3 1
Michael Bush Second baseman 4 6
Ryan Pepiot jug 5 5
Andy Pages outfielder 6 4
Landon Knack jug 7
Eddy’s Leonard infielders/outfielders 8th 9
Andre Jackson jug 9 10
Wilman Diaz short stop 10
Maddux Bruns jug 7
Jorbit lives Second baseman/third baseman 8th

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