Los Angeles Chargers Postgame Quotes 10/31


“I loved the way we started the football game, but I don’t think we found a rhythm after that. The second quarter was tough for us. We didn’t establish anything in the second quarter. I felt like that we made it. ” “Don’t establish that rhythm at the beginning of the game. They were a couple of guys down and did a good job disguising what they were doing. We knew they’d mask their cover and end up playing in the zone, but we did just didn’t get any of these completions from early downs that would really put us in a good position to be successful. We didn’t get the explosions when they were available and just couldn’t put it together right today England. They did played well. They had a good plan. I thought we had some good tracks. I liked the way we played football. I felt we could do it and it was a highlight today for us. But in the passing game, we weren’t good enough today. We didn’t protect the passer well enough at all. We had way too many ny drops. Because of these things we sometimes did not played with great timing. We just have to play better offensively in the passing game against this team in order to win. Certainly the two sales were really big. “

About the performance of the offense:

“We had some protection problems because these guys got faster. We went out of our way to help these guys, but what we have to do is stay away from known handouts, better stay away from those designer looks where they build their third-down defenses to put their stuff against yours Construct protection system. That’s what we need to do better on early downs, get into the rhythm, stay on schedule, make the explosive plays, mix in the run and pull the pass into our pockets. If we can do that, we can be a dangerous offensive football team. You have a good defense. Third place is a place you don’t want to be in the NFL. You don’t want to live like that. We just have to do a better job in passing. We can do more and make better progress. “

To avoid third and long inconveniences:

“We missed some games today that were available. We had a second and one, a quick win. We had [WR] Keenan [Allen] open on the stick [route], crawled, picked up a sack. You’re in second and one and that became third and six, which became a punt. There were a lot of things like that on the schedule today that happened out there. On the drops, we had a couple of third downs that created a bit of momentum and we couldn’t do that. There were some good things today that I liked about our football, but it was an uneven performance. “

Offensive to ‘inconsistencies’:

“We played a good defense today. That happens in the NFL. I’m not worried. I wish we had done better today. We have to train better in the future. We have to play better. But” when you’re against good teams you will have games like this. We have to be able to carry out our offensive better. If we do our offense better, it will look like the first drive. We have to be able to keep up our offensive implementation over time. You can’t just do a quick drive or two. We have to stay in rhythm, then we are better and we have a lot more production movements forward. “

“I thought he did a really good job checking the ball. In play-action passing, we knew they’d play a lot of zone; act like man, play zone-action play is when you get the vertical extent of the zone underneath, then there are checkdowns that are there. There were a lot of things like that in the plan. I thought he did that well. But that was the kind of game it was going to be, them would bleed a little in the running game and then try to get out of the deep part of the field in the passing game. You have to be patient and disciplined. There are many yards available. That will be the formula against this defense. So you have to against it play when they are set up like they were today. Some of their corners were down. They wanted to play the game like that. This is what we will learn what it takes when they have such a situation. I know we will get on better . “

On Herbert’s interception returned for a touchdown:

“It was a check for the flat. It was a misunderstanding between the two of them. It was a double nudge protection with the halfback and tight end in the flat of their nudges.”

“I was happy with our production. I thought [RB] Justin [Jones], with the 75 yard run, had been practicing well this week. I was very happy about that. I thought [RB] Austin [Ekeler] football was going well. [RB] Larry [Rountree III] had some good runs. We felt like we had to run the ball to play the best offensive football today. We also really wanted to drive it in the red area. That also showed a little. We have to make sure we keep improving in this regard because as you can see, in this league, if you just fall behind to throw, it’s difficult to do consistently. To live in the drop-back game, very few people can protect the passerby. Very few people in the National Football League can protect the passerby if he is known. For me, that’s the big insight from this game. “

On the final scoring of the Patriots:

“I saw them running the football and doing game actions when they felt like we were close. We weren’t able to hit back enough runs to get them into a passing situation on the final drive. There was one few close but we weren’t able to make a negative game to keep them out. I liked the way our defenses went on today. We took a step forward as a group. I felt like like we were a bunch out there. We were out 35 minutes and 75 games, which could be more than that. We were out a lot. I really felt like we took the call today. I’m proud of this one Guys for that, but at the end of the game we have to run, in this four-minute situation we have to create a three-and-out and field position for our offensive because even if they get a first down or two, you have now the Feldpo sition lost. That was really a problem for us today to keep this field position. “

About DL Jerry Tillery’s hit on Patriots QB Mac Jones:

“I don’t see that as a real problem in the game at all. I thought our boys played the whole time between the whistles. There were only seven penalties in the game so it was just a highly competitive game.” . Both teams played well, played hard. Two really well trained teams played today. “

On the injury status of CBs Asante Samuel Jr. and Michael Davis:

“Asante has a concussion ahead of him. Vato had a hamstring injury that he couldn’t return.”

If the defense’s performance today is comparable to the unit’s performance against the ravens:

“Not the same at all, they only had 3.5 yards per carry. [Patriots RB] Brandon Bolden had a 14 yard run in a push that should have been hit back. Those aren’t good running numbers in the NFL. 39-for-140, that’s not a lot. That’s not what the game lost for us today. I had the feeling that our running defense took an incredible step forward today. I thought we did very well. I thought we were really physical. Receive [DL] Justin Jones back was important. I felt that the way we played on the defensive today gave us a real chance to win. “

“I saw how they defeated us decisively at this stage. [Patriots WR] gunner [Olszewski] had 20 yards per return. We have lost the vertical field position in this area. The second quarter was a good example of this because we stopped them in fourth place, then we had to beat it. One short field and we’ll hold it. But it’s a field goal. We didn’t cover well enough today. I think we were held up today. There were six-man robberies, double trucks that we couldn’t do enough. If you have a double vise out there, the inner part of your punt guard has to go down there. They are the ones who have the singles. We didn’t win well enough inside when they had the trucks outside. It hurt us today and we got a penalty. “

“Going into halftime. I felt like we made our chances very strong because I felt we played really well defensively. We turned the ball around at the end of half and showed a great reaction; a fourth downstop “, short field, field goal. Outside of two games, they didn’t do anything in the passing game. It just felt very strong the way we played. I felt like we really settled in and really played our kind of ball. Then, [S] Derwin [James Jr.] had the big stop in the third quarter. I really felt the games are ours to be sure. Today we just didn’t bring the offensive with the defensive, the defensive with the offense and in special teams together. Today we got a little out of rhythm in the three phases. Especially in the second half, we had to play better in the fourth quarter to win. We have now played seven games, all seven of which were now fourth quarter games, except for the game against Baltimore. If it’s just fourth quarter games, then you have to do your best in the quarter. We didn’t do that today. “

To his assessment of the offensive game calls:

“We play to win. Our game plan was designed to look exactly what we saw them. It’s a really good defensive team over there. They have had some injuries, but they are very well trained. There are a lot of seasoned players over there. I give New England full credit. I thought they played really well today. We need to play better. From an execution standpoint, the drops and protection issues really held us back. “

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