Lincoln Boulevard Affordable Full Frame Housing Project

Pacific Landing takes shape on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica

By Sam Catanzaro

An affordable 37-unit housing project on Lincoln Boulevard is taking shape.

As Urbanized LA reports, the Pacific Landing development on the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Pacific Street is now fully framed.

Community Corp. from Santa Monica will be a four story, 28,000 square foot, 37 unit, one level basement garage, 18 one-bedroom, 9 two-bedroom, 10 three-bedroom.

Tighe Architecture is designing the project, which was originally scheduled to be completed this March but is now set to be completed later this summer or early fall.

Rents range from $ 587 per month with utility charges for a one-bedroom unit for renters who earn 30 percent of the median income of the area to $ 1,880 for a two-bedroom for renters who are 80 percent earn the median income of the area, according to the California State Treasurer’s office.

The price of the project is $ 28,194,681, more than half of which is due to construction costs, according to the Treasury.

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