Licorice Pizza First reactions: PTA returns with Alana Haim’s debut

Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s Coming-of-Age film from the San Fernando Valley will be shown ahead of the November opening.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Licorice Pizza”, his coming-of-age film from the 1970s with Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman in the lead roles, has first shown in Los Angeles. The film, his first since “Phantom Thread” from 2017, is slated for a limited edition release on November 26th before it hits theaters on Christmas Day. So far, the first words have been positive for the film, which is set in the San Fernando Valley and starred in co-stars Bradley Cooper and Benny Safdie. Check out Twitter’s initial reactions below.

According to MGM distributor, “‘Licorice Pizza’ is the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine, who grew up in 1973 in the San Fernando Valley, walk around and fall in love … the film follows the treacherous navigation of first love.”

One person who also saw the film is John C. Reilly, who sat down with Haim for Interview Magazine to talk about everything related to PTA.

“When Paul sent me this first screen test [of Cooper and Alana], I thought, ‘Dude, if you can feel it so freely, I think you’ve got a movie,’ ”said Reilly. “You know the phrase ‘You can’t take your eyes off her?’ I’ve experienced this feeling before watching a fireplace or a baby, but rarely in adults. When I visited the set, I remember sitting there taped to the monitor, even between takes. I turned to Paul and said, ‘You can’t take your damn eyes away [Alana]. ‘ He looked at me like ‘Right?’ “



Reilly continued, “The only other actor who makes me feel this way is Joaquin Phoenix. Watching him is like watching a raccoon rummage through garbage cans. What is he gonna do now? Why look at something else while this is going on? It’s hard to keep that energy on camera, Alana. Take it from an old clown like me. “

Really incredible debuts. There is hardly anything better than going into a PTA movie. Make sure to check out #LicoricePizza on November 26th!

– JJ Abrams (@jjabrams) November 7, 2021

The film world has to prepare for the overwhelming charm, sympathy and humanity of Alana Haim in @licoricepizza.

– Ben Mankiewicz (@ BenMank77) November 7, 2021


– BenDavid Grabinski + (@bdgrabinski) November 7, 2021

LICORICE PIZZA is absolutely magical and always unexpected. Impressive.

– Riley Stearns (@RileyStearns) November 7, 2021

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