Letters to the Sport: Same Age-Old Story with the Lakers

That’s enough. All excuses will be enough. This Lakers team is exactly what we’ve been seeing since preseason. They are a team under 500 trained by a guy who is as clueless as can be. No real coach would allow LeBron James to keep shooting at will. No real coach would encourage Anthony Davis to keep shooting threesomes at less than 20% pace. No real coach would allow Russell Westbrook to shoot at all. No real coach who claims to be a defensive first coach would allow any team to blow lead after lead after lead. This team does not have an offensive structure. It’s about throwing the ball out there and see what happens. This team doesn’t ricochet or play defense because Vogel has no idea who to play.

Don’t get me started with Rob Pelinka. He ruined this team for the next five years. His mistakes should have fired him before the end of the year. And then there is LeBron, or LeBrick for all of us. The downside of his career is an understatement. Sure, he can have a big game here and there against a terrible team. I mean, even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then. But enough already. The Lakers need a coach who can stand up to these guys and introduce discipline and accountability.

Geno Apicella


I’ve seen enough of the Lakers in 2021-22 as they will be fortunate enough to finish 41-41. Yes, LeBron is a top 10 player of all time, but he’s one of the top 10 general managers and that’s out of the question.

Bring me Ingram, Kuzma, Clarkson and the rest back in a Laker uniform and they would fight for the crown.

Fred Wallin
Westlake Village


As a lifelong Lakers fan, I haven’t seen her much lately because of “load management” and players, the games because of a sore throat, runny nose, etc. the court. But after watching the Lakers lose to Sacramento in Triple OT, I may need to watch more games just for comedy. The only difference is that instead of the three henchmen there are the five henchmen.

Ryan Berlo
Van Nuy


Thank you, Broderick Turner, for explaining that the “Heart and Soul of the Lakers” has been banned from playing. If he’s the heart and soul of the franchise, a change of team can be accomplished in no time. I’d rather advertise a team that wins by throwing 9 yard threesomes instead of elbows.

Patrick Kelley
The angel


We need time to network. Bla bla bla. LeBron was hurt. Bla bla bla. We are not really old. Bla bla bla. I barely bumped him with my elbow. Bla bla bla. The highest paid team in professional sport history. Bling, bling, bling.

Marty Foster

USC rivalry problems

While getting your score up is one thing, USC’s overall dismal defense performance is even more important. The Trojans 2021 allowed an AVERAGE of 48 points in four home defeats. Only the home losses in 1966 (Notre Dame 51-0) and 2011 (Stanford 56-48) are worse. In short, a bad QB rush was the main culprit.

David Marshall
Santa Monica


The USC’s dismissal of Clay Helton was a sad mistake at the wrong time. Helton’s firing might have been necessary, but not after only two games of the season! Without a coach and without a good game plan, their loss to UCLA was inevitable. It should have been in the off-season or not at all.

Ernie Ogren


After last Saturday’s lackluster performance at the Colosseum, who in their right mind would accept the USC coaching position? On top of that, the team isn’t even bowl eligible (at this point). There are 84 bowl spots (far too many) for 130 FBS teams. Only 46 teams will not qualify! If it happens to be the Trojans, the excitement is sure to pique the interest of some high school and junior college soccer coaches to take on the duties at USC! Embarrassing to say the least.

Richard Whorton
Studio city


I feel sorry for the UCLA team that USC will have to play if USC is good again. I really think until that day, USC will think about November 20th, 2021, 62-33, and wait for the repayment.

Russell Morgan

Bruins run amok

UCLA’s seven wins were against opponents who are currently below 0.500 in their conference and overall records. UCLA’s four losses were scored against opponents currently above 0.500 in their conference and overall records.

While the Bruins can at least beat bad teams (that’s an improvement), we shouldn’t get too excited at Westwood until they actually beat a team with a winning record.

Brad Gore
Agoura hill


I have to love Ch ip Kelly and the Bruins, who moved up two places in the fourth quarter with 48:26. Rivalry games are used to ramp up and rub in the score, especially against the humble Trojans.

Nick Dunlap


There will be talk for the next few weeks: Will the USC hit, a winner record and a bowl appearance compensate for three years of ignorance? So that there are no fans who disagree, the visitor numbers don’t lie, even if they are inflated by freebies. With a passive athletics department, Under Armor is the only company that holds football leaders accountable.

Mario Valvo


If Chip Kelly thinks for a minute that hanging 62 points on a lousy USC football team will excuse the UCLA fan base for four years of poor record, poor recruitment, poor public relations, and a poor defensive coordinator, he’s right.

Wes Wellman
Santa Monica


Hasn’t Ben Bolch fired Chip Kelly yet? So Bill Plaschke has to smear the triumph of the Bruins over the hated USC with another pink slip?

The fact is, both writers have fired coach Kelly every year since he took office. Must have been of great help in his recruiting efforts.

Kelly stayed with Dorian Thomson-Robinson for four years and is .500 in the main game. Players recognize loyalty.

Drop Kelly and say goodbye to a winning season next year.

Empire Holland
Old alder


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