Laurel Rosen steps down as CEO of the Santa Monica Chamber

Change of leadership at the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

By Sam Catanzaro

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce has announced that longtime President and CEO Laurel Rosen will step down within the next few months.

According to the Chamber, the exact time of her resignation will depend on the starting date of her successor.

Rosen has been President and CEO for 14 years. Before taking the helm of the Chamber, she served on the Chamber’s Board of Directors for nine years. About her 23 years of dedication to the economic vitality and wellbeing of the Santa Monica community.

“From my earliest days, I was passionate about the role the Chamber plays in serving our beautiful community, and I was inspired by the people I have met. I will forever be grateful to the friends and mentors who have supported me on this path, and I am very proud of our joint achievements, ”said Rosen.

In a press release announcing Rosen’s departure, the Chamber praised her for being “one of the most active leaders in the community.”

Rosen’s accomplishments include: Working with the City of Santa Monica to create the Santa Monica Alliance, whose mission is to attract, maintain, and grow business in Santa Monica; • Creation of the Organization of Women Leaders (OWL), which focuses on supporting women in leadership positions; Cooperation with the City Commission for the Status of Women in organizing the International Women’s Day event; and developing a number of annual citywide events including the State of the City, Sustainable Quality Awards, New Heroes Celebration, Buy Local Health and Fitness Expo, and more.

Additionally, Rosen established the Santa Monica Chamber Foundation in 2010 to promote economic development through education. The foundation supports the annual Career Day at Santa Monica High School. In partnership with SMC, it supports the NextGen Leadership Program for color students.

“Santa Monica has benefited from Laurel’s leadership for over two decades, and I have benefited from working with a wonderful person,” said Debbie Lee, the city’s chief communications officer. “She shared her heart with Santa Monica and her ability to bring people together to advocate and celebrate them. Your legacy is our real sense of community. ”

Chairman of the Board Michael Ricks will lead the process of recruiting the new Chamber President.

Those who praise roses include TJ Montemer, editor of the Santa Monica Mirror

“Laurel was the first person in town to welcome me with open arms as the young 23-year-old owner of the Santa Monica Mirror. They really cared about the people who touched them and the chamber – it’s rare for Laurel to have such a real character on every level from personal to professional. We will miss her very much and here at the Santa Monica Mirror we wish her a great next chapter! ”Said Montemer.

Chairman of the Board Michael Ricks will lead the process of recruiting the new Chamber President.

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