LAPD Suspends Officer for Excessive Violence – NBC Los Angeles

An unnamed Los Angeles police officer was suspended and sent home after a video taped beating a suspect who was already in custody, the department said on Sunday.

The officer is charged with beating one of two suspects after a car theft on Saturday in the San Fernando Valley mission area that resulted in an accident in the city of San Fernando, the LAPD reported.

The suspect is said to have spat on the officer.

A video recorded by a parishioner shows the offending officer beating a suspect strapped to a stretcher for medical transportation.

After the attack, officials can be heard asking for a spit mask to prevent the suspect from spitting again, CBS2 reported.

The officer was sent home and is still being paid pending the investigation. His police powers were also suspended.

“The images in the video are deeply disturbing and while we have to wait for the investigation to be completed, the department will act quickly in any case of excessive or unnecessary violence,” said LAPD chief Michel Moore.

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