LA, UK to work together to reduce transportation emissions

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Mayor Eric Garcetti and the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Transport Trudy Harrison signed a letter of intent on Thursday to promote opportunities for communities to reduce emissions and adopt sustainable methods of transport infrastructure.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Los Angeles and the UK will work together to meet their carbon emissions reduction goals by sharing new technologies and methods. According to Garcetti’s office, it was the first MOU signed by both parties after the United Nations Conference of the Parties in Glasgow earlier this month.

“Los Angeles is proud to be working with the UK to accelerate our transition to zero-emission technology,” said Garcetti. “This MoU will deepen the bond between our city and the UK and help us move closer to our common goal of cleaner air and a healthier, more sustainable future for the people we serve.”

Harrison said the deal heralds a new era of collaboration between the UK and Los Angeles to reduce transportation emissions.

“By sharing best practices, we can drive innovation in transport while we meet our climate commitments – and help reduce emissions and purify the air we breathe on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Harrison.

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