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LA man pleads guilty of federal hate crime charges

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Two Los Angeles men accused of attacking a restaurant in a family-owned Turkish restaurant, shouting anti-Turkish slurs, throwing chairs at victims and threatening to kill them are expected to be found guilty today.

Both William Stepanyan and Harutyun Chalikyan have agreed to plead guilty to the number of conspiracies and hate crimes. According to the US Department of Justice, each defendant will be incarcerated in federal prison for up to 15 years after two serious criminal charges.

Turkey and Armenia have a long history of conflict, partly due to Turkey’s assistance to Azerbaijan in the border conflict with Armenia. When a new war broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops in September 2020, tensions intensified in the Turkish and Armenian communities worldwide, including in the United States. In Los Angeles County there were numerous protests and protests against each other for Armenian and Turkish descendants.

According to his legal transaction, 23-year-old Armenian-American Stepanian from Glendale sent a text message on November 4th last year saying he would “hunt” the Turks. Later that day, Stepanian met with Tujungas Charikian, 24, and other Armenian Americans to protest against an invasion of Turkey against Armenians, to express their contempt for Turkey and to support Armenia. Specified.

Stepanian, Charikian, and various unindicted accomplices drove to a Beverly Hills restaurant where the defendant attacked the inside. According to documents filed in federal court in Los Angeles, Stepanian and Charikian, both of whom wore masks during the attack, threw chairs at the victims and shouted derogatory insults at the Turks. Four of the five victims were of Turkish descent. At least one defendant threatened to kill the victim and shouted: We’ll kill you! According to the DOJ.

Several victims were injured in the attack. This includes someone who has lost the feeling in their legs and has fallen many times due to injury. Also, according to the Justice Department, Stepanian ripped the restaurant’s computer terminal and stole the victim’s iPhone during the attack. The restaurant reported damage of at least $ 20,000 and was forced to close temporarily, resulting in lost revenue of several thousand dollars.

LA Men plead guilty to federal hate crime charges – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link LA men plead guilty to federal hate crime charges – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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