LA is considering voting to ban homeless camps – NBC Los Angeles

A motion to initiate a voting process banning homeless camps across the city will be considered Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

Councilor Joe Buscaino’s proposal would lead to a vote on a law requiring the city to prioritize the production of temporary shelters over permanent housing. It would also prohibit camps if enough shelter is available and offered.

The city council previously rejected proposals from Buscaino to ban people who have been offered accommodation from camping.

The motion, backed by Councilor John Lee, would direct the city attorney to prepare the necessary documents to take action on the June 2022 primaries.

Here are the main actions of the proposal.

  • Create a citywide ordinance to ban camping in all public areas when accommodation is available and on offer.
  • Encourage the city to prefer immediate shelter to other options, such as emergency shelter.
  • Authorize the mayor to cut red tape and urgently build emergency housing for the homeless.

The move would be on the same ballot as Buscaino City Councilor, who is running for Los Angeles mayor.

The chair of the council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee, Councilor Kevin de Leon – who will also run for mayor’s office in 2022 – said he

considered an electoral measure to be the wrong approach.

“Because the city council is actively promoting measures to combat homelessness camps through strategic public relations and housing for the people

in distress, elective action seems the wrong way to go. The fact is, voting would be extremely costly for taxpayers and likely lead to a continuation of the carousel of trials that is preventing the city from implementing real solutions, ”he said in a statement to City News Service.

The city council approved the strategy for its new anti-camping law, which went into effect on September 3rd

several areas of the city are banned, but most areas require a city council vote before enforcement. People camping in areas selected for enforcement can move their tents to other parts of the city if they don’t accept accommodation.

In his nomination, Buscaino called for a “FEMA-style Emergency Response, Temporary Housing and Services” to expand housing options

so the city can ban camping in all areas.

According to a pre-pandemic count, 66,436 people are homeless in Los Angeles County, including 41,290 in Los Angeles.

The city has around 15,000 emergency shelters and 24,600 permanent living places. During a city council meeting on July 1, Councilor Mike Bonin said the Los Angeles Homelessness Service had told him that the city only had enough beds for 39% of the homeless.

Los Angeles’ fiscal 2021-22 budget has nearly $ 1 billion to help tackle the homelessness crisis. LA voters in November 2016 passed

HHH’s proposal to use $ 1.2 billion to build 10,000 units for homeless Angelenos, more than tripling the annual production of supporting housing in Los Angeles.

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