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COVID-19 hospital stays continued to decline in Los Angeles County on Monday as health officials again reported high corporate security compliance across the board, despite some failures to enforce mask requirements.

According to the state, 1,034 COVID-positive patients were hospitalized in the county on Monday, down from 1,053 on Sunday. 315 people were treated in the intensive care unit, up from 310 the day before.

The county also reported six more COVID-19 deaths on Monday, bringing the total death toll from the virus to 25,838.

An additional 996 new cases have also been reported, giving the county a cumulative total of 1,445,121 throughout the pandemic.

The number of new deaths and infections is usually artificially low on Mondays due to delays in reporting by the labs on weekends.

The moving average daily rate of people who tested positive for the virus in the district was 1.2% on Monday.

County health officials have repeatedly said that companies followed virus control instructions well. On Monday, the Ministry of Health reported that inspectors visited around 1,500 companies in the week of September 4-10 and found that “the majority of companies are in compliance”.

However, the agency reiterated that “there is still room for improvement in masking employees and customers in fitness centers, clothing factories and retail stores.”

“I thank our LA County companies for continuing to do their part and following the safety guidelines that are preventing the spread of COVID-19 as we are still experiencing large-scale transmission of COVID-19 in LA County,” said the director of public Health, Barbara Ferrer, in a opinion. “We applaud the many companies and institutions that have introduced vaccination verification requirements to protect their employees and customers. These are challenging times and the future course of the pandemic is not certain. Yet we know that vaccines save lives and reduce transmission; These are essential prerequisites for advancing our recovery. “

According to figures released on Friday, 76% of the county’s eligible residents 12 and older have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine and 67% are fully vaccinated.

Of the total 10.3 million residents of the county, including those under 12 who are not eligible for vaccination, 65% have received at least one dose and 58% are fully vaccinated.

Hoping to increase vaccination rates, the county will begin enforcing vaccine requirements next month in large venues and high-risk environments such as indoor bars, breweries, nightclubs, wineries, and distilleries.

A new order from the county health officer issued on Friday requires proof of vaccination for all customers and employees in indoor bars, breweries, nightclubs, wineries and distilleries. All customers and employees will need at least one dose of vaccine by October 7th and a second dose by November 4th.

The order will recommend, but not mandate, vaccinations for people in indoor restaurants.

Even at outdoor mega-events of 10,000 people or more, all participants and employees must provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours. This requirement, which goes into effect October 7th, affects all major outdoor sporting events and also affects major theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Visitors to indoor mega-events of 1,000 people or more must already present a vaccination card or a negative COVID test.

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