Jay Leno Prefers Nethercutt’s 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder To Modern Cars

With a car worth $10 million and being extremely rare, Jay gives high praise to the classic Ferrari due to its comfort, feel, and exhaust note.

Jay Leno with a 1967 Ferrari 365 California SpyderVia YouTube/Jay Leno’s Garage

In his latest YouTube video, Jay Leno gets behind the wheel of an epic and very rare 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spider, a successor to the 250 GT California Spyder depicted in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

From the early moments of the presentation to the time behind the wheel, Leno praises the car owned by The Nethercutt Collection, a renowned classic car museum in LA’s San Fernando Valley. Jay even goes as far as saying that he prefers this classic Ferrari to modern cars.

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Classic Ferrari That Is Only 1 Of 14 Built

Leno’s exploration of the 365 includes a brief history of the car, including how it got acquired from Tom Barrett (of Barrett-Jackson Auction fame) in the 1980s. The car then underwent a repainting of the exterior and a reworking of the cabin. But, otherwise, the mechanicals for this 18,000-mile legendary Ferrari are original.

Viewers then learn the car’s rarity, as Ferrari built only 14 examples. Cameron Richards from Nethercutt comments that he’s unaware of the status of the other 13 cars. And interestingly, it’s the only Ferrari in The Nethercutt Collection, a grouping of more than 250 automotive treasures.

When new, the car sold for $28,000, about $234,000 when factoring in inflation. However, Leno remarks this member of automotive royalty could easily fetch $10 million or more.

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A Masterpiece Of Engineering

front view of a red 1967 Ferrari 365 California SpyderVia YouTube/Jay Leno’s Garage

The conversation quickly turns to the heart of this legendary Ferrari, the Colombo V12 engine sitting under the hood. It’s a 4.4-liter powerplant factory rated at 320 horsepower, an impressive number for the day.

Both Leno and Richards note the simple yet elegant layout of the engine. The spark plugs and dual oil filters are easy to access, making maintenance effortless. Practicality extends beyond the engine bay as there’s a modest but usable back seat. Plus, the trunk is capable of handling a few suitcases.

Jay Leno Gets Behind The Wheel Of The 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spider

Jay Leno driving a 1967 Ferrari 365 California SpyderVia YouTube/Jay Leno’s Garage

No Leno’s Garage review is complete without some time behind the wheel, and Leno is eager to spend some time on-the-road with this extraordinary Ferrari. Meanwhile, a throaty exhaust roar hints at the joy ahead.

“Extremely comfortable” and “wonderful to use” are just some of the comments Leno makes while driving the car. He finds the engine power and torque impressive while appreciating that this car isn’t as track-focused as so many other supercars.

“About 80 to 90 is where it wants to be, driving on the highway. It was just effortless,” Leno adds.

Sources: YouTube/Jay Leno’s Garage, nethercuttcollection.org

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