Jalen Ramsey Reveals Los Angeles Rams Plan to Overcome Adversity in ‘Different’ Season

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey has had his fair share of success since arriving in the City of Angels during the 2019 season.

With two playoff appearances in three years, including a victory in Super Bowl LVI just nine months, under his belt, Ramsey has grown accustomed to winning.

As such, the Rams’ 3-5 start has created substantial frustration from the 28-year-old, capped by his public remarks throwing the team’s offense under the bus following a last-second loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Quickly ascending from new guy on the block to leader in the secondary, Ramsey is attempting to navigate through a disappointing start – but has little to look back on as far as guidance.

“We (never) had it like this though,” Ramsey admitted. “It’s different.”

The Rams’ injury-ravaged season offensively has led to difficulties in finishing games, as they rank second-to-last in the league in second-half scoring, and the issue is only compounded by the defense holding the No. 26 spots in the same category.

As losers of four of its last five, Los Angeles is beginning to get a greater feeling of intensity. Talks of a potential “Super Bowl hangover” have only grown louder and louder, and there’s just little overall momentum on the reigning champions’ side.

So, how do they plan to battle through adversity? Ramsey provided the answer, centered mostly around the team’s character and approach.

“We’re presently going through it,” Ramsey began. “So, we got to fight our way through it, work harder than we ever have, focus a little bit more than we have, have each other’s backs a little bit more than we’ve had in the past.”

Ramsey added that there are no shortcuts or “secret recipes” to getting back on track, but made sure his group is doing everything in their power to rekindle the magic of last season’s title run.

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Frustration and tension place a strain on leadership, and while it’s debatable whether or not the All-Pro corner should’ve expressed his feelings on the offense to the public, he’s adding a bit of his own personal flare as he guides a young secondary through a rough patch.

“It’s just a journey that we got to go through,” said Ramsey. “Everybody has their different ways of doing it, everybody has their different ways of leading. I do it my way and it is what it is.”

Ramsey’s way has worked in the past, and perhaps that’s part of the angst that’s beginning to boil over. But don’t get it twisted – his fire is in good spirits, working to ensure the standard isn’t lowered and the same mistakes don’t “become a cycle.”

Instead, he’s working to get back to the other cycle – the one that consists of winning and playoff appearances. From the high expectations to the disappointing record at the halfway point, Los Angeles has endured a tricky road – but still has it all to play for moving forward.

The Rams will look to take the next step in the “journey” on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, with kickoff set for 1:25 pm

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