It’s a Sunflower Pumpkin Mash Up in Costa Mesa – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • The “more mature” pumpkin field experience begins on Friday, October 1st; a blooming sunflower field is also on the premises
  • USD 20 per person; Visitors under the age of 2 are free, as are military personnel; Parking permit required
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until October 31, 2021

Are you looking for a more relaxed pumpkin patch, the kind of place with less rush-and-choice and more linger-and-soak-up-the-rays bliss?

Hana Field, overseen by the team at Tanaka Farms, could be your ultimate fall getaway. Costa Mesa destination is a little smaller and more laid-back, with families looking to buy the ideal squash, and maybe some healthy snaps, time and space to do it.

But wait, there’s a second chapter on this cheerful place that hits the market again on Friday October 1st: Sunflowers.

The pros at Tanaka Farms have also grown the tall blooms while tending to their seedy fruits, which gives visitors to the field a chance to enjoy both of the icons of autumn.

Find pumpkin fields in October? Pretty easy, but finding one that also has its own sunflower field is a little more daunting.

There are a couple of things to know. For starters? This gorgeous bastion of fall beauty is open Friday through Sunday, so plan your visits around the weekend. Likewise? A ticket is $ 20, and you should get yours in advance.

In addition to the sunflowers and pumpkins, there are a few festive chores like a pile of straw bales and a barn display.

Of course, you can be busy all the time choosing your pumpkin. There are eight acres of pumpkin seeds to browse.

There are several things that you should know before you go, starting with this heading: Hana Field is off the Tanaka Farms location in Irvine. The acquisition of a parking permit is also essential.

For more about this sunflower and gourd wonderland, visit Hana Field headquarters now.

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