Iran’s Ganjzadeh disqualified with gold as an opponent – NBC Los Angeles

TOKYO – The final fight of the historic karate debut at the Olympics ended in an uproar on Saturday when Saudi Arabia Tareg Hamedi ‘s high kick too Hundreds of Ganjzadeh‘s neck saw him disqualified and awarded the gold medal to his motionless Iranian opponent.

Less than a minute later, Hamedi looked dominant after scoring a three-point “ippon” in the ninth second and leading 4-1 before the fight ended abruptly.

Hamedi’s kick on Ganjzadeh’s neck sent him on the tatami and the Saudi into party mode before the mood in the Nippon Budokan Arena changed when paramedics rushed to Ganjzadeh’s side, put an oxygen mask on the Iranian and laid him on a stretcher.

After a few minutes of discussion between the officials on the sideline, the referee called the game for Ganjzadeh by disqualifying Hamedi.

It was not clear what exactly the offense was.

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