Invite Your Four-Legged Furry Friends to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo a Day Early

By Susan Payne

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner.

With celebrations happening all over Santa Monica, Recruiting for Good is hosting a day-early party with drinks, networking, dogs, contests and plant-based appetizers and sweets.

Happy Cuatro de Mayo is a nontraditional spin on the Mexican holiday that celebrates our four-legged loved ones and raises money for Girls Design for Tomorrow, a fashion mentoring program for young women led by ecodiva Taryn Hipwell.

Recruiting for Good is a talent agency that helps find and hire professionals in accounting and finance, engineering, information technology, marketing and operations. Founder Carlos Cymerman uses a portion of the profits to “party for good” and give back to the community in creative ways.

“I thought I need to make this fun and different from any other party that I’ve done. Most people do the same parties for the same holidays every year. But this one will be memorable — even if you don’t have a dog, you can meet and greet like-minded individuals and some of our very happy four-legged friends,” he said. “Dog lovers are welcome.”

Happy Cuatro de Mayo is on the fourth of May and will be held at an undisclosed business location from 5 to 7 pm For every drink purchased during this event, Recruiting for Good will donate $5 to support Girls Design for Tomorrow.

Cymernan’s parties for good bring together like minded people who aren’t afraid to party for good and network, but also make a positive impact in their daily life. To receive an invite to Cuatro de Mayo, all you have to do is RSVP with your name, age and details on how you make a positive impact.

Whether it’s a volunteer, helping a family member or friend, or doing something awesome for the community, Cymerman would like his sweet parties to gather a group of people who make an impact.

“For Cuatro de Mayo, I want to be transactional. I want us all to work together and make an impact, and the RSVP questionnaire is one way I can make sure our attendees have that in common,” he said.

“I want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals in everything I do, who share similar beliefs in making the world a better place. We’re all about having fun and doing the most good,” he said.

During the party, dogs can enter into a cutest dog with the sweetest name competition. Winners will receive a $100 gift card.

If you’re an awesome person who loves Cinco de Mayo and dogs and wants to make a social impact, Cymerman said you’ll love this party.

While recruiting and partying for good, Cymerman said he’s enjoyed meeting people who share the same values ​​by wearing a hat or T-shirt with a question such as, “Are you sweet?”

“When someone connects with my messaging, that’s inspirational to me. I learned over the past few years that the first person you’re supposed to meet is someone in close proximity that shares your values. That’s why I’m always in the community, partying for good, and encouraging people to make an impact,” he said.

To RSVP for Cuatro de Mayo, email Sara at [email protected] with your name, age and details on how you make a positive impact. To be included on the list of fun, future parties with recruiting for good, email Sara with your first name and how you make a positive impact.

You must love dogs and be 21 or over to attend. Attendees are limited to one furry friend per person. Competition winners will be announced on May 10.

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