In honor of the Month of the Native American Heritage

November 2, 2021 9:29 AM

by Delana Gbenekama

November is Native American Heritage Month, also known as Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month. It is a time too recognize and remember Culture and contributions of the Indigenous peoples of America who prospered here and took care of ite country since thousands of yearsnia before the arrival of European Settlers and the Genocide and displacement of many of their people.

the Tongva were the first residents of Santa Monica, lawing how Administrator of the country from Avoid overexploitation of natural resources. You still live here today and active maintaine Pages like the Kuruvungna Holy feathers.

Let’s dedicate thate Month until meto earn more about the People, who are still up between us this country Where weather work and where some of us live. To learn above her prosperous commercial economy, Staple food, your adored leader Toypurina and more from watch this Video based on People of the Earth: Life and Culture of the Tongvaexhibit that was Shown at the Santa Monica History Museum in 2018.

You can also check the following KCRW piece and UCLA History map on the Tongva:

Below are additional educational resources and an upcoming family event in honor of Native American Heritage Month:


What: We’re celebrating Native American Heritage Month: Hoop Dancing with Terry Goedel

When: Thursday, November 4th, 4-5pm at the Central Courtyard

description: The art of maturation dance honors cultural traditions of multiple indigenous communities as an artistic expression to celebrate and share indigenous traditions. Learn more from world champion hoop dancer Terry Goedel (Yakama / Tulalip).

Sign up: Tor register, email [email protected]. Space is limited.


Here is a concerningRecommended selection of fiction, non-fiction and eBooks compiled by the children of the Santa Monica Library Employee for children and families for exchange and discussion while Native American Heritage Month. More books can be found in the X970.1 and X398.2397 signatures in the library catalog.

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