In Garcelle Beauvais’ new San Fernando Valley Home

It seems that Garcelle Beauvais spared no expense when it came to her new home in California’s San Fernando Valley, by bravo.

On her tour of the network, Fabs can see that Garcelle’s new open-plan living concept seems to fit the reality TV star, and she seems obsessed with her farmhouse kitchen sink and calling it something she “always wanted” to call it. As for her oven, she could hardly contain her excitement and called it “phenomenal”. The house is characterized by the direct access to the outside area. “One of the things that attracted me to this house was this open concept of the inside / outside,” she said. “I don’t have a backyard yet, it’s so new, but I want to be able to entertain inside and outside,” she added. She also touched her couch before going upstairs and said she wanted something with “clean lines” and “modern yet cozy that I can snuggle up to and watch a movie”.

The upper floor is just as impressive, complete with a spacious game room when their sons opted for a video game tournament with their friends. She calls her bedroom a “sanctuary” and we have to agree. It’s the epitome of luxury, complete with a Louis Vuitton bedspread. It seems like Garcelle is slightly above a Bed Bath & Beyond run!

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