Improving access and security in the Pico neighborhood

December 2, 2021 2:40 p.m.

by Jack Moreau

The Pico neighborhood is historic and popular local institutions. Next year, Streets in the neighborhood are the focus of our running transport Iimprovement P.Projects. Everyone Project was designed to improve Her Ability to visit for sure Her Favorite destinations without using a personal vehicle. Whether you are for your daily walk, To go biking to school at Edison’s, or meet friends for tacos, everyone deserved the opportunity to for sure on foot and by bike by their neighborhood to achieve their goal.

pedestrian crossing Improvements

Pico Boulevard is a wide one, fast Street that power Crossing on foot is challenging. Junction improvements at five intersections near Santa Monica C.colleague will Add new accessible Pedestrian ramps, curb extensions, Signal enhancements, and more. The start of construction is planned completed this winter by summer 2022.

More opportunities to get involved the Street draft are Even come on your way. Stay tuned for meetings over Security upgrades too ebranch Pico boulevard.

Protected cycle path connections

When it’s too far to walk Cycling is the next best thing. Major upgrades come on 17NS and Stewart S.the treeS. including protected bike paths, pedestrian lighting, and intersection improvements. Tthese facilities is created Connections from Pico boulevard to other bicycle facilities including Broadway, Michigan Avenue neighborhood greenway, and Exposure Bicycle path. Build safe bicycle facilities is critical to givee Residents without access to Destinations like the Santa Monica College Center for Media Design, Edison Language Academy, Subway stations, Parks, childcare, Job centre, and more.

Building improvements on 17NS The street began in October 2021 and construction on Stewart Street is slated for winter 2023.

Safe ways to school

Proposed infrastructure improvements for the Edison Language Academy will improve the safety and comfort of the way to school. Collaboration between SMMUSD, school staff, parents, caregivers and city engineers have all led to new recommendations for street remodeling and safety measures. Construction is planned kick off in Winter 2023.

To learn more about transportation security improvements, visit projects.

Written by

Jack Moreau
Transport management specialist


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