Housing partner selected for future affordable housing on urban property on Fourth Street

January 12, 2022 10:29 am

At yesterday’s meeting, the Santa Monica City Council gave the go-ahead to an exclusive negotiating agreement to negotiate terms for the development of affordable housing on the city’s property at 1318-20 Fourth Street currently used by public parking garage 3 in Downtown Santa Monica. Mixed-use affordable housing is in line with city council policy to prioritize city-owned land for affordable housing in order to address the regional affordable housing crisis.

“Our region suffers from a lack of affordable housing and we in Santa Monica are committed to improving the crisis and moving people into apartments that can be the foundation for stability,” said Mayor Sue Himmelrich. “We don’t wait for private development to move forward. We lead by providing a precious resource that makes it possible – land. This is a project that meets the greatest needs of the day, including homelessness, affordability and justice, and reflects the values ​​of our community. ”

The city issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in August 2019 and after an open and competitive process as well as a comprehensive assessment, EAH, Inc. (EAH) became supportive due to the team’s many years of experience in the areas of permanently supportive living, major developments Services and property management. According to the recommended proposal, the EAH would develop and manage the property as soon as it is occupied and all residents would be supported with services to ensure housing preservation and good neighborhood measures. The special needs of households that occupy the supportive housing component of the development would be addressed through intensive case management services. In the course of the further development of the development concept, the support offers will be tailored to the needs of the residents, including ensuring that the providers of the support services can meet these needs. The council also directed the staff and development team to work together on ways to advance affordable housing as quickly as possible so that community members in need can be quickly supported by the proposed affordable housing and related services.

When negotiations are complete, the city and the developer will submit a final draft of a development proposal, including a component for supporting services, to the council for approval.


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