Here’s how to have your best self-catering vacation in Santa Monica

It’s time. After the past couple of years we’ve all had, you long for a thoroughly transportable, rejuvenating getaway. But not too far away either. You want to feel the ocean breeze in your hair and sand between your toes, enjoy fresh, nutritious food, rest your hard working body and challenge it in fun, new ways. Where can you do all of this? Santa Monica. With its location right by the sea, 300 days of sunshine and its naturally active lifestyle, it is child’s play for health-conscious travelers. In this seaside sanctuary there is an experience to restore any wellness seeker now. From beach workouts and al fresco dining to luxurious spa treatments that offer emotional and spiritual healing, this seaside town is made to help you unwind. Plus, with all of these outdoor activities and reasons to get in the fresh air, this is the safest way to go on vacation – and thanks to the Santa Monica Shines COVID-19 program, there are many hotels, restaurants, shops, and more to get extra Leave security. (Make sure you check local policies for the latest travel and health safety information.)

Read on to learn five ways you can practice the best types of self-care while soaking up the SoCal sun.

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