Headlines: LA Named “California’s Least Affordable Place;” Working Out While High Now Trendy

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—California Governor Gavin Newsom launches a campaign today to penalize oil companies, who have earned record profits amid punishing gas prices for the public. Newsom’s goal is to fine the companies and give the money back to drivers, one that is likely at great odds with lawmakers who enjoy the campaign contributions and lobbyist perks of the oil industry. [Fortune]

Griffith Park: The 74-year-old pony rides will end at Griffith Park by the end of the year, as the city’s Parks and Rec department has not renewed the attraction’s lease. The rides have been the frequent target of protest from animal rights activists. [NBC]

Whittier: Saturday Night Live alum Melissa Villasenor will be the grand marshal of her hometown of Whittier’s Christmas parade this week. [MelissaVComedy]

—Working out while you’re high on sweet sinsemilla is becoming something of a trend in LA [LAT]

—”When comparing average income to average rents, LA is the least affordable place in California.” [Liam Dillon]

—A street takeover participant reportedly dropped his AR rifle after hitting a civilian in South LA and being arrested. [SRT]

Los Angeles has officially approved an ordinance to ban new oil wells and to phase out drilling in the next 20 years. [Adam L. Mahoney]

—Lyft is ditching its bike and scooter services in Los Angeles, leaving Santa Monica with no bikeshare service. [SMPD]

—Whole Foods will stop selling Maine lobster this month, citing concerns that lobster fishing is helping reduce endangered right whale populations on the East Coast. [Smithsonian]

—We should all be improving for 20 minutes a day for our mental clarity and creativity, and to combat anxiety. [NPR]

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