God of War’s Santa Monica Studio ‘Spread Out on a Lot of Different Things’

Santa Monica Studio has just wrapped up God of War Ragnarok, which is attracting rave reviews, so it would be naïve to expect something new from the studio soon. Having said that, it’s worth noting that Eric Williams directed the sequel, not Cory Barlog, and it’s no secret that he’s been plotting something else for several years.

In fact, in an interview with the LA Times, the studio admitted that it’s currently “spread out on a lot of different things”, although it refrained from sharing specifics. One thing that Williams wanted to point out, however, is that if it does make another God of War, there’ll be no shame in it. “I remember talking to someone from another game company, where they were trying to get me to leave,” he revealed. “They said, ‘Do you just want to be known as the God of War guy for the rest of your life?’ That was your big pitch to dissuade me? Because yes, I kind of do.”

We reckon it’ll be many years before we see a new God of War, and we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Santa Monica Studio did something completely different for a little bit. That said, with a team this talented, we’re excited for whatever it tackles next.

[source latimes.com]

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