God of War Ragnarok: Trailer, News & Latest Updates

After the success of the restart in 2018, there is massive hype surrounding God of War: Ragnarok. Here’s what we know about the next chapter in Kratos’ story.

After wowing players with 2018’s God of War, Sony Santa Monica Studio has fans screaming for the upcoming sequel God of War: Ragnarok. Ragnarok received a Most Awaiting Game nomination at The Game Awards and is one of the biggest titles Sony has confirmed in its upcoming releases. It is slower to reveal details for the game that will give fans more of their favorite father-son duo.

God of War (2018) masterfully rebuilt Kratos into a three-dimensional character, with his relationship with his son Atreus and her adventure to honor the last wishes of his recently deceased wife giving the series a much-needed revival. The title has been recognized for practically every aspect of its design and gameplay, and has received many awards including the grand prize at The Game Awards 2018. Not only is God of War a great game, it leaves fans with its mysterious cliffhangers that Ragnarok will hopefully solve will want more.

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God of War Ragnarok’s trailer

The first extensive trailer for God of War: Ragnarok was shown at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 in September and gave players a good insight into the upcoming title after its brief foretaste last year. The footage gives a good glimpse of how Kratos and Atreus have evolved and aged since the events of God of War, as well as some of the new and returning characters that players can expect in their quest for the end of the days.

The footage also includes gameplay material that confirms that both the Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos will return to wreak havoc in the Nine Realms. The trailer also features various enemy types that gamers can expect to hack through, from powerful beasts to Asgardian enemies to all sorts of mythical threats. It seems that everything that made God of War such a hit is going to return in Ragnarok, which only makes the sequel even more exciting.

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What we know about the story of God of War Ragnarok

Kratos and Atreus have a tense conversation in God of War Ragnarok

While players can only hope that the questions raised by the climax of God of War will be answered, Ragnarok’s basic premise has been revealed. At the end of God of War, players say that Atreus learned that the name his mother gave him was Loki and that Fimbulwinter (the prelude to Ragnarok) had started. After reaching 100 percent, players can unlock a secret ending – a vision of Thor arriving to confront Kratos.

A few years later, Ragnarok takes up with a young Atreus who wants to find out the truth behind his name “Loki” and hopefully prevent Ragnarok, the Nordic legend of the end of the world. Your adventure will lead you to search for the Norse god of war Týr and face the numerous threats facing Asgard, including Thor, the god of thunder. Ragnarok will also see the duo encounter some characters they have unfinished business with as they traverse the Nine Realms, with Freya also seeking revenge. We also know that while many expected the God of War reboot to be a trilogy, Ragnarok will in fact be the conclusion to the Norse saga.

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When will God of War Ragnarok be released?

God of War Ragnarok is another game that has had a tumultuous time in terms of the release schedule. When the game was first announced in September 2020, it indicated a release window of 2021, but it was postponed to 2022. News from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio has shown that playing with the developers isn’t going to get you rushed, all the time it takes to create a sequel worthy of its predecessor.

In addition to the COVID-19-related delays that have impacted the gaming industry, God of War Ragnarok suffered another, more specific setback. Kratos actor Christopher Judge announced in September 2021 that he had faced a variety of physical injuries in 2019 that required surgery and rehab. According to Judge, the studio was backing him and giving him the time it needed to recover, which took into account the delay in the game.

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