God of War Ragnarok Moment Would Have Been the Perfect Opportunity for a Young Kratos Cameo

A particular moment that happens during the narrative of God of War: Ragnarok has a perfect opportunity for a young Kratos cameo.


During the narrative of God of War Ragnarok, there is a particular moment where there was a perfect opportunity for Santa Monica Studios to have Kratos from the original God of War trilogy face off against the current Kratos. God of War Ragnarok is the latest in the God of War series, and God of War is one of Sony’s many first-party exclusives for the PlayStation brand.

The original series has its roots in the PlayStation 2 era, with its first release in 2005. Since then, the series completed a trilogy, had a few prequels, and most recently, introduced the Norse era of the games with 2018’s God of War. Since its original release on PlayStation 4, God of War (2018) has had a PS5 update that features a 60fps mode and a ported release on PC.


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Major spoilers for God of War Ragnarok follow.

The God of War series has a rich history and lore that has progressed over the span of several console generations. This is most likely why Reddit user SkywardStrike1998 posted that they were literally holding their breath in anticipation that Kratos would have to fight his younger self from the original trilogy as a boss fight. SkywardStrike 1998 included a screenshot with a scene from the portion of the game where Freya takes Kratos to the Norns, who are known for their ability to predict the future.

The scene itself is a reference to the PlayStation 2’s God of War 2 where Kratos has to go to the sisters of fate to change his death at the hands of Zeus. During Kratos and Freya’s visit to the Norns, the Norns use powerful illusions of the past on Freya that depict her most regrettable moments throughout her life. Other Redditors shared the sentiment that they were anticipating Santa Monica Studios to add the original God of War trilogy Kratos as a boss fight to address his past sins and regrets as well. On the other hand, one user challenged this idea and stated, “Kratos came to terms with his past in the last game, this game was home focused on being better.”

This counter-argument definitely goes along with the catchphrase of Kratos throughout God of War Ragnarok. Kratos has truly moved on from his past sins and come to terms with the damage he has caused. The reason young Kratos was not used against him could also be because of Sony Santa Monica Studios’ decision to subvert fan expectations in God of War Ragnarok. Regardless, the pure excitement of having a duel with the original Kratos is an interesting idea and fans can’t help but wonder what could have been.

God of War Ragnarok is out now for both PS4 and PS5.

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