God of War for PC is not developed by Santa Monica Studio

PlayStation Studios and developer Santa Monica Studio announced last week that the critically acclaimed action-adventure title God of War would finally hit PC in early 2022. Given that the announcement was partly shared by the developers of Santa Monica Studio, the original game for PlayStation 4, it was believed that the studio may be working on this new PC version again. As it turns out, this won’t be the case, however, as PlayStation has now announced that an outside developer is doing most of the work on this PC port instead.

In a new statement made available to ArsTechnica, Sony employees confirmed that God of War on PC is “overseen” solely by Santa Monica Studio. Instead, the work of getting the game from PS4 to PC is being done primarily by Jetpack Interactive. Before that, Jetpack Interactive did not work directly with Sony’s, but it has ported several other titles in the past.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this move by Sony is that the publisher now has what appears to be an in-house port developer of its own. Earlier this year, Sony acquired Studio Nixxes, a well-known studio that previously ported a number of titles to the PC. While Nixxes will certainly work on bringing PlayStation titles to PC in the future, this acquisition of Nixxes appears to come after Jetpack Interactive had already started development of God of War for PC.

Overall, God of War will land on PC in a little less than three months at this point. The popular game will hit the platform early next year on January 14, 2022.

What do you think of a developer outside of Santa Monica Studio working on God of War? Are you even concerned that the PC version might be lower than the version on PS4? Or do you think this is a purely good decision by Sony? Let me know either in the comments or on Twitter at @ MooreMan12.

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