Global Motion World Dance Company whirls across the Broad Stage — The

Global Motion World Dance Company is a performance organization that carries the concept of humans as global citizens. On Saturday, Nov. 19, Santa Monica College students performed world dance styles with the Global Motion World Dance Company during the live performance. This company was originally formed as Folklorico, but now features a variety of choreography styles from West African, Mexican Folklorico, Flamenco, Tahitian, Chinese, and many more all done by the faculty, students, and guest artists.

It provides a jump start for SMC students to experience and understand other cultures through dance and training with professional choreographers from Santa Monica College staff, the part-time faculty and some guest artists who are experts in their crafts.

Global Motion performs every Fall and Spring semester at the Broad Theater in Santa Monica. It also tours at schools, festivals, and special events all over California and México.

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