Gas Prices Down In Santa Monica For The Holidays

SANTA MONICA, CA – Just in time for holiday travel, gas prices continued to drop in Los Angeles, reaching an average price of $4,426 for a gallon of regular gas.

As demand increases nationwide for holiday travel, the price of gas in PATCHOWN is down 78 cents since last month and nearly ten cents since a week ago, according to AAA.

Near Santa Monica, the cheapest gas nearby could be found at United Oil at 11748 W Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles, which was charging $3.89 per regular gallon, according to Gas Buddy. The most expensive gas was at Chevron at 1732 Lincoln Blvd, with regular gas costing $4.69 per gallon.

As usual, Los Angeles gas prices sat far above California and national prices. The national average reached $3,096 on Friday, which is four cents less than Monday’s price. The average price per gallon across California hit $4,344, the lowest price in California was in Tuolumne County with an average price of $4,058.

Neighboring Orange County hit an average price of $4,317 Friday, a decrease of 78 cents since last month and seven cents since last week.

Across the country, drivers are seeing significant drops in gas prices. The states that have seen the most drastic decreases since last Thursday include: Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Delaware, Utah and Wyoming.

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