Free Shakespeare Evenings at Griffith Park – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • “The Tempest” opens on August 7th at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park
  • The location is a little different than in recent years, due to the construction, but the parking lot remains the same; Admission is free, but reservations are required
  • Also: LACMA Jazz returns, Tribeca Drive-In, free-to-see corpse flower, Hatch chili season opened

Shakespeare Returns at Griffith Park: With the return of the Independent Shakespeare Company to the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, there are some changes to note, such as the new location (it’s still in the Old Zoo, but due to construction at a different, albeit not far, location) and the need to book your pod in advance (“(s) pace is extremely limited,” says the troop). But it’s still free to watch, and the bard’s timeless words still excite. From August 7th? Sail your ship via “The Tempest” to an enchanted and mysterious island.

Jazz at LACMA: Are you enjoying nice live music while enjoying the gentle air of a summer evening? Fans have long had plenty of opportunities to do just that in our area, but one of the most important places to get the sounds out on a summer night is on the Miracle Mile. It’s the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosting its live jazz concerts on Friday, August 6th. Online tickets are a must, takeaway food is shown near the Smidt Welcome Plaza (yes head for “Urban Light”). The Friday evening series runs until the end of October 2021.

Tribeca Drive-In: You’ve probably seen a lot of things at Rose Bowl Stadium by now, from a soccer ball flying across the field to fancy flea market finds. But have you already recorded a story that was told on screen? This multi-week drive-in theater has set up a sweeping store on the Pasadena landmark, giving movie buffs the opportunity to both watch a favorite movie and visit the stunning stadium, or at least the parking lot. Are you coming on the first full weekend in August? All right: we’re ready for “Hook” and “The Birdcage”.

Free to see corpse flower: The fast-growing, super-large but not yet smelly specimen currently holding court at the California Science Center hasn’t opened for the first week of August, meaning its famously foul odor isn’t there yet for any detectable evidence. But you can stop and admire it for free, which is a rare treat (it’s also outside of an exhibit dedicated to the beginning of life so that’s more than cool). How fast does this bizarre plant sprout? The Science Museum tracks its daily progress on social media.

Hatch Chile season is here: However, by the beginning of August there will be lovely smells in the air and you will find those seductive scents in some grocery store parking lots in Southern California. Hatch, New Mexico’s famous green chili peppers have begun to arrive, which means they need to be turned over an open fire. The roasting creates a fruity-fiery scent that is smoky and sweet, and the taste? Well, you can choose mild freshly roasted chilies if you’re not into the spicy stuff, or opt for the X-Hot. Gelson’s in Westlake Village opens on August 7th, but there are other places to explore.

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