Former DOS Chief of Immigrant Visa Control Charlie Oppenheim Joins WR Immigration as Director of Visa Consulting

Santa Monica, CA – Former US Department of State (DOS) Chief of Immigrant Visa Control has joined WR Immigration as Director of Visa Consulting. Charlie Oppenheim will lead WR’s Government Relations Group and share his deep knowledge explaining the numerical control process.

Charlie Oppenheim

For over two decades, Charlie was the person responsible for the monthly and annual use of visa number allocations. For many, his monthly live Q&A sessions on the Department of State YouTube channel brought insight to those in the arduous visa process. The White House and Congressional Leadership have turned to Charlie for guidance on how the numerical control process works and could be updated to meet intended goals. Charlie will use this expertise to help demystify the immigrant visa backlogs while making predictions on potential visa movement.

Before joining WR, Charlie was DOS Chief of the Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting Division. Over nine million numerically controlled immigrant visa numbers were issued during this period. He regularly provided analysis and assessment of the impact of proposed legislation on visa availability and workload impact for overseas posts.

WR Announces “Chatting with Charlie” Webinar Series

The first “Chatting with Charlie” webinar will be with Charina Garcia, WR’s Strategy and Innovation Partner, on the history of the visa calendar, unpack the latest retrogression and backlogs, and look into the future to predict trends. Register here>>>

WR is available to provide Town Hall meeting with companies to help HR understand the visa waiting lines and provide information and clarity to foreign national workers to help plan their immigration cases.

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