Former Dodger CEO sued by former security chief Paramour

SANTA MONICA, CA – Former Los Angeles Dodger CEO Jamie McCourt has been sued by her family’s former security chief and former lover for alleging she falsely cut him out of his million dollar stake they accumulated over a longstanding business partnership.

Jeff Fuller’s Santa Monica Superior Court charges against ex-Dodger owner Frank McCourt’s 67-year-old former wife included breach of contract, willful interference with potential business advantage, willful infliction of emotional stress, and malicious eviction.

Fuller is aiming for a 50% apportionment of the property to which he is entitled after McCourt allegedly breached their agreement earlier this year. A McCourt representative was not immediately available.

The McCourts bought the Dodgers in 2004 for $ 400 million and Fuller was put in charge of their family safety in 2006, the lawsuit says.

“As a trustworthy employee and loyal family man, Jeff Fuller enjoyed a highly respected community reputation as a senior security analyst, advisor and strategist,” the lawsuit said.

By April 2008, McCourt and Fuller had “started a romantic dating relationship,” the lawsuit said.

In 2009, after the Dodgers bitterly lost in the playoffs, Frank McCourt fired his wife from her leadership roles on the team for having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate, and Fuller was removed from his job for doing the same to a supervisor would have. the lawsuit states.
Jamie McCourt then filed for divorce.

“Jamie McCourt, who lives exclusively with each other, would tell Fuller her version of the details of what was going on in court,” the lawsuit said.

McCourt finally said to Fuller, “Look, if you dedicate your life to me, I will dedicate my life to you. You will never have to worry about money again,” the lawsuit says.

Fuller relied on McCourt’s promise that if the partnership ever ended, the couple would split everything evenly, the lawsuit said.

“Whenever they were separated for a period of time, they spoke daily as husband and wife,” the lawsuit said. “The word ‘I’ has noticeably been replaced by the word ‘we’. ‘Mine’ and ‘your’ have been replaced by the word ‘our’. “

During their time together between Malibu and Napa, Fuller “sacrificed his personal dreams to support and support Jamie McCourt,” the lawsuit said. “Fuller continued to build her brand in the world of finance and politics and continue his efforts to bring her up the political ladder and share a new healthy life with her.”

In 2012, Fuller and McCourt founded Good Shepard Motorsports LLC, a motorsport racing company that competed in professional off-road racing, and the plaintiff invented a personality named “Robert Acer,” the lawsuit states. GSM began a humanitarian mission, the Robert Acer Project, to assist, educate, feed and support children in Mexico, the lawsuit said.

“From 2011 to 2020, they celebrated every single Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year holidays together as husband and wife in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,” the lawsuit said.

The two went to Rome to see their boyfriend, actor Will Ferrell, while filming “Zoolander 2,” the lawsuit said.

Fuller traveled back and forth from the United States and Paris to manage the couple’s partnership interests after McCourt was named ambassador to France and Monaco by then-President Trump in 2017, the lawsuit says.

But in February McCourt unexpectedly notified Fuller through an intermediary that she would end their business partnership, and armed guards ordered him to leave the Napa property in March, according to the lawsuit.

“McCourt’s armed agents maliciously evicted Fuller without due process and threw the plaintiff straight into the streets with no money in his name and with his daughter’s mental health problems,” the lawsuit said.

McCourt “deleted, eliminated, and erased Jeff Fuller from their mutual partnership so that he would receive nothing for 13 years of dedicated efforts,” the lawsuit alleges. “According to Frank McCourt’s playbook, (Jamie) McCourt planned that she would use any of Fuller’s hard-earned assets held in trust by her to break her fiduciary duty to Fuller.”

Fuller hired attorney Lisa Bloom to represent him in his legal battle with McCourt, but Bloom cited an unspecified conflict and withdrew her representation, according to the lawsuit.

McCourt’s ambassadors to France and Monaco ended earlier this year.

– City news service

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