FIA Steak: First look at the new Companion Venue of the FIA ​​Restaurant

Photo by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy FIA Steak

An intimate new restaurant arrives in Santa Monica this week, courtesy of FIA Steak, serving as the companion eatery of acclaimed restaurateur Michael Greco and chef Brendan Collins’ collaborative FIA ​​restaurant next door. The nostalgic, dimly lit leather interior of the FIA ​​Steak is reminiscent of a classic New York-style steakhouse, with Italian-inspired dry-aged meat as the centerpiece. Aimed at diners looking for more formal westside dining options, the restaurant sets itself apart from other steakhouse models with a dining experience that picks you up after your own adventure that brings you face-to-face with the celebrated chef.

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Bar areaPhoto by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy FIA Steak

The intimate 48-seat restaurant was designed by Adam Picker of Morpheus Design, who aimed to create a space that would combine the luxury and intimacy of a private party with the comfort of your own home. The result is an atmosphere inspired by contemporary rustic and retro styles where no detail is overlooked. The exposed brick walls and rustic wooden floor lead guests into a comfortable, semi-private dining room that is decorated with framed paintings, picturesque church glass, and red velvet curtains. Bright white tablecloths drape over round tables in the cabin-style seating area at the bar counter and rectangular tablecloths in the main dining room and are supported by plush, maroon leather seats. On the other hand, the cozy outdoor terrace with only ten seats in the planted garden is suitable for special occasions.

“We have created the essence of an elegant house party,” Greco describes the room. In his vision, the open-plan kitchen, complete with brick, wood grills, a retro wooden butcher counter, and hanging copper pots and pans, acts as the centerpiece of the restaurant, inviting guests to have a face-to-face conversation with Chef Collins while carefully choosing from cuts of meat such as a first-class fillet or an Iberico pork shoulder. Greco envisions the dining room as a more intimate space that offers space for conversation and conversation, just like a dinner party that will delight any guest. “If you compare FIA ​​to FIA steak, FIA steak is a more upscale experience,” notes Greco. “It’s just oozing with elegance, but it’s not stuffy.”

steakPhoto by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy FIA Steak

The menu is inspired by Italian and American steak houses and offers a large selection of first-class cold cuts and meats, from A5 Wagyu tenderloin to 45-day dry-aged bone-in bistecca con l’osso (T-Bone- Steak .). ) and 60 days dry-aged boneless Costata di Manzo (Ribeye). The menu is more than steak, however, including fresh pasta dishes like homemade cavatelli with Italian black truffles and the option of choosing the this and that combination with half a lobster, half a pound of king crab and oysters, and a prawn cocktail.

TartarePhoto by Wonho Frank Lee, courtesy FIA Steak

With a creative mix of raw fish and meat, the starters range from a delicate hamachi crudo with ponzu and ginger to a hearty fillet of beef tartare with pickles, black truffle and charred sourdough. For a more exclusive experience, a selection of fresh caviar with champagne pairings is available, from Charles Hideseck to Krug.

The bar program was created in such a way that it connects seamlessly with every course of the meal. While bubbles are the perfect accompaniment to starters, stronger port red tones combine with the earthy aromas of meat and truffles. To end the meal on a bittersweet note – just in taste – there is also a list of Italian digestifs and amari, ranging from the very famous Montenegro to the more niche Nonino.

FIA Steak opens next to the FIA ​​on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica on October 21, 2021.
The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Reservations can be made through their website.

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