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Enjoy outdoor ballet in Santa Monica this summer! Westside School of Ballet is open for a limited number of upcoming Summer Sessions & Intensives for children and adults of all levels.

The Legacy School also offers ballet classes daily. The outdoor studio is equipped with a real studio dance floor – and offers the opportunity to dance fresh with Santa Monicas nice sea breeze. Several large airy indoor dance studios are now open at full capacity from June 15th. Some courses also on zoom.

For over 54 years, Westside Ballet has been changing lives through the art of ballet. Dancers often grow with the program from a young age through high school. Their outlook on life is shaped by the discipline of their teaching and the meaningful relationships they have with their teachers and peers.

Founded in 1967 by NYCB lead ballerina Yvonne Mounsey and co-founder Royal Ballet First Soloist Rosemary Valaire, the Westside School of Ballet stands out as a non-foreplay academy where everyone is welcome to study ballet and train to the most refined prior art. professional level. Almost all artistic employees are products of the school, which brings a consistent approach to classical ballet training.

SUMMER HOURS & INTENSIVE: Still free places for childrens department. For children aged 4 to 18 – Levels Pre-Ballet to Level 7: two 3-week summer sessions (Session 2: July 12th – July 30th). Solo dancer in New York City Tiler Peck launches Westside Ballets Summer Session 2 with two master classes on July 12th – open to all ballet students who are not registered for the entire session (int / adv, 14-18 years).

In addition, several special one-week summer intensive courses are offered – including two specially designed for advanced ADULT dancers (July 5-9 and August 2-6).

For ballet students in the Upper Division Children’s Division (levels 5-7) and as a supplement to the 3-week summer sessions, Westside offers two extraordinary intensive courses: West Side Story (5 June 7-11). Special guest teachers lead these specially curated one-week intensive courses. Of New York Ballet, Soloists Indiana Woodward (a Malibu Native), Harrison Coll, and Coll Georgina pazcoguin– To give young ballet students the rare privilege of working under their guidance and direction. The day begins with a technology course followed by comprehensive coaching.

Summer programs for serious ballet students can help transition from a healthy leisure hobby to a possible career path. Students often travel far from home, which results in significant housing and study costs for their families. Westside Ballet offers unique summer sessions and intensive programs to meet the demand for exceptional ballet in the larger SoCal community.

Please see: https://westsideballet.com/summer/tuition for all summer sessions & intensives.

The very popular adult courses, both online, outdoors and in the studio, can be found at: https://westsideballet.com/wcs3_class/adults-ballet/

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