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Elected officials have come together to encourage African Americans to get vaccinated. Participants are, from left to right, Congressman Mike Gypson, LAUSD board member Dr. George Makena, State Senator Steven Bradford, Isaac Brian, Dr. Jerry Abraham, Director of Kedren Vaccine, and Kedren CEO John. Dr. H. Griffith, U.S. Representative Karen Bass, LA County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, LA Councilman Karen Price, and Congressman Reginald Jones Sawyer. (Cora J. Fossett / LA Sentinel)

“Vaccine Now” is a mandate from federal, state and local elected officials in the Los Angeles area who partnered with COVID-19 African Americans and Latin Americans on Aug. 12. He called for an attack to counter the recent surge in infections.

At a press conference at the Kedren Health Center in South LA, 11 citizen-oriented politicians jointly urge 8.3 million residents of the county to get vaccinated. Answered the call from Congressman Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles).

Healthcare professionals agree that vaccination will continue to be the primary preventive measure against the COVID-19 virus and delta mutants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fully vaccinated people reduce the chance of hospitalization or death.

“The COVID epidemic is at an epidemic rate and we need to make sure everyone knows the importance of getting vaccinated. I am the chairman of the Parliamentary Public Security Commission and for me this is a public security emergency. We all need to come together to make sure everyone is protected and safe, ”says Jones Sawyer.

His concerns were reflected by US Representative Karen Bass, State Senator Steven Bradford, State Senator Sydney Kamlager, Members Mike Gipson and Isaac Bryan, and LA County Supervisor Holly. J. Mitchell, LA Councilor, Karen Price, Marquise Harris Dawson and Mark Ridley Thomas, Board Member of the LA Unified School District, Dr. George McKenna, and CEO / President of the Kedren Health Center, John H. Dr. Griffith.

“When the pandemic started, we knew our community would be hardest hit, and once the vaccine has been used we will make sure our community has access to the vaccine. I knew I needed full court coverage for that, ”said Bass. Who added that some federal measures have been taken to fight the virus.

Parliamentary legislation consisted of eight major COVID aid packages, including over $ 80 billion to fund vaccinations. Earlier this year, more than $ 16 billion was approved for vaccine research, development, and manufacture and more than $ 20 billion for product distribution.

“Even so, too many people, especially too many African Americans, are not vaccinated. African Americans have 6-7% lower vaccination rates than the other groups. ”Said Bass, who announced a two-month campaign led by elected black officials to promote COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

This initiative will showcase PPE on the radio and in print, in addition to a series of testing and vaccination events during community activities. The calendar includes August 21 – Jazz Festival hosted by Long Beach Councilman Rex Richardson, August 22nd – Gardena Jazz Festival hosted by Bradford, August 28 – Baldwin Hills – Clenshaw Plaza Concert, September 18 Sun-Wat Mobile Vaccination Clinic door to door Gipson sponsorship.

Other speakers included McKenna, who provided updated information on LAUSD’s efforts to protect students and staff on school premises. He said all health and safety guidelines were followed, all schools were sanitized, and all teachers were expected to be vaccinated. Unvaccinated employees are regularly tested for COVID-19. Mobile test and vaccination days are also offered at every school.

“First and foremost, I want to show that I have been vaccinated. Do not be taboo about it. Don’t think vaccines are a conspiracy from anywhere. In my community, if you’re not sure, don’t listen to taboo science. Stop medicine. Trust a medical professional and a trained physician to do this, ”encourages McKenna. I did. “The fact is, vaccines protect us.”

Bradford shared a similar comment, emphasizing, “Don’t be afraid of this vaccine. It was tested and developed by African American sisters and should give people even more confidence that this vaccine is safe. Now is the time for the vaccination. ! “

Gipson enthusiastically appealed for a vaccination and recalled the loss of two families and two church members to the COVID-19 virus. “But you can stop today. You can change this trajectory. Whatever your hesitation, get over it so you don’t have to walk in the shoes I am walking today. Please – missing family and friends. I have been vaccinated. I want you to be vaccinated. “

Jones Sawyer tabled his final petition stating: COVID-19 and the new Delta variant continue to affect black and Latin American communities with high imbalances in infection and mortality. Therefore everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect themselves. “

Elected LA officials urge vaccinations against COVID-19 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link LA-elected officials urge vaccinations against COVID-19 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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