Downtown Santa Monica and 626 Night Market Bring ‘Mini Night Markets’

For the first time, the 626 Night Market will operate a series of Mini Night Markets in the Downtown Santa Monica area. The events will feature nearly two dozen vendors representing a variety of Asian cuisines. Image: 626 Night Market

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. in partnership with 626 Night Market, has announced a series of 626 Night Market Mini events, bringing the open-air food festival to Santa Monica for the first time.

The new event will be similar to the flagship 626 Night Market events, but on a smaller scale and operating under the name 626 Night Market Mini. The event is intended to welcome new audiences while better serving the existing audience by providing more events in new areas of Southern California. The 626 team is curating the food lineup to ensure a diverse range of Asian cuisines are represented.

The mini events will feature roughly two dozen vendors, including local small business vendors such as Shake Ramen, Tao’s Bao, Chick N’ Skin, Ghostix and Rockin’ Gyoza. An alcohol garden will also be available for guests aged 21 and older that features limited edition cocktails. The market is open to all ages and is free to attend with ticket reservations.

The first market is being held Feb. 26-27 near the Third Street Promenade and will return for four more weekends through April 2022. The 626 Night Market is inspired by the night markets in Asia, where attendees get together to socialize among food and drinks , and named after the area code of the San Gabriel Valley, where the market was first established in Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park.

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