Dolphins’ Mike Gesicki Brings Back Griddy Dance Despite Promise to Stop – NBC Los Angeles

Promises are meant to be broken.

At least that’s what Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki would say.

During the Dolphins-Bills wild card matchup on Sunday, Gesicki hauled in a touchdown from rookie Skylar Thompson just before halftime and celebrated the only way he knew how — the Griddy dance.

Back on Oct. 16 when he did it against the Minnesota Vikings, player like Cincinnati Bengals star Ja’Marr Chase commented on Gesicki’s rather poor iteration of it, prompting the tight end to promise he’d stop.

That promise obviously didn’t last long.

The touchdown, followed by a successful two-point conversion, leveled the affair at 17-17 despite the Bills marching to an early 17-0 cushion.

However, despite less than 30 seconds on the clock before halftime, Josh Allen and Co. pulled off a six-play, 54-yard drive that led to Tyler Bass’ 39-yard field goal try to make it 20-17 at the break .

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