Dogs are the stars in this sunny Santa Monica movie theater – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Attend a Pet Wellness Month party at The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport
  • “Monster Inc.” Screens on Saturday October 9th at 1:30 p.m. (doors open at 12 p.m.)
  • Prices vary; Entry to a Movie Fam Vehicle is $ 25.50

Maybe it’s all the fancy outfits that are filling store shelves right now, or the adorable October treats, but we have dogs on our blissful brains by the time the tenth month begins because connecting with dogs can lead to an especially blissful prospect .

If you’re looking for quirky ways to bond with your own dog, consider the following: The Santa Monica Airport Drive-Up, the pop-up outdoor movie-watching destination, invites dog lovers for a special showing with her beast by our side.

And when we say “by your side”, we mean outside by your side, because this is not a classic drive-in, but a “drive-up” with reserved lawn boxes for every 2- or 4-person household or group .

This open-air cinema also has a drive-in element if you want to stay in your car, but opt ​​for a screening before purchasing your ticket as there are several options.

And here’s something cute: You can use Monsters, Inc. at the drive-up or drive-in on Saturday afternoon, October 9th, and enjoy it together with your dog.

For Rooftop Cinema Club, the group behind The Drive-Up in Santa Monica, the focus is on National Pet Wellness Month with a festive and furry event.

Animal sellers will visit the airport on Saturday October 9th. Pupcorn is the main snack, and there will also be a pet photo contest (in case you want to pack your pooch costume for the adventure).

One dollar of every ticket sold for the show will be donated to Much Love Animal Rescue.

Don’t you live with a dog or do you want to go on a trip just for the people in the household? The Drive-Up at Santa Monica Airport has a few more films on its schedule, including many terrifying ones.

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