DL Hughley releases new, untitled series based on his life

DL Hughley gets a new show about Fox based on his life nearly two decades after he originally starred on his self-titled sitcom “The Hughley”.

The 58-year-old is reportedly set to star in the untitled multi-cam comedy and will also serve as executive producer, writer and co-creator on the series alongside co-creator and executive producer, according to Variety News.

Comedian DL Hughley makes an appearance at the Ice House Comedy Club on February 28, 2020 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz / Getty Images)

According to his description on the show, “Unfiltered, inexcusable, and opinionated radio host DL Hughley is free at work but besieged at home as he navigates life as the husband and father of an LGBTQ + daughter, a son from autism- Spectrum, whose with them lives a white friend and another daughter who cannot leave his credit card alone. “

Fox has promised a script acceptance plus penalty to the project, which was co-produced with 3 Arts and Fox Entertainment, which makes way for Hugley to potentially make a big payout regardless of whether the show goes beyond the pilot episode.

“DL is one of those rarities for me because he can really do everything, but what I find even more about him is that he does not take any punches,” the newly appointed president of the CBS / NAACP production partnership Sheila Ducksworth about the veteran comedian and radio host .

“He says it exactly as he means it, and he is consistent in making his point across the board – and he definitely has one,” she added. Not much is known about the start date of the show or who else will appear.

Hughley rose to fame through his comedic endeavors and was the original host of BET’s ComicView from 1992 to 1993. He later had success with the character of the same name on the sitcom “The Hughleys” which premiered on ABC and later ran to the end on UPN in 2002 after four seasons.

The 1998 show, which also featured actress Elise Neal and 90s sitcom star John Henton from Living Single, portrayed a successful black businessman whose family lives in a predominantly white neighborhood in San Fernando Valley, California pulled. Throughout the show, the family tries to get used to their new surroundings and home without forgetting who they are or where they are from.

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