Did your neighborhood vote for Bass or Caruso for LA mayor?

About this story

Precinct boundaries and vote counts were provided by the Los Angeles County registrar. *To protect privacy, the county does not provide information about precincts with only one vote. Those and precincts with zero votes are not included. Neighborhoods are defined as Los Angeles Times Mapping LA Neighborhoods. The Times conducted its own spatial analysis to aggregate census data to conform with precincts, neighborhoods and City Council districts. Median household income, percent of renters and race are calculated from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey from 2020.

To calculate similarity, neighborhoods were grouped by similar race, ethnicity, income level and percentage of renters. The Times used an algorithm to calculate the distance matrix between neighborhoods. The most similar neighborhoods are the ones that had the smallest difference across all categories combined.

This story was edited by Hanna Sender, George LeVines and Iris Lee. It was copy edited by Don Ragland. Mary Kate Metivier and Javier Panzar planned the promotion and engagement.

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