Developer proposes 20 new units for Santa Monica Apartment Project

7th Street development sees revised plans

From Dolores Quintana

A developer wants to add 20 new units to an apartment project in Santa Monica.

Developer Lee & Yen Property LLC has changed plans for a proposed office building they were trying to develop to replace an empty apartment building on 1448 7th Street in Santa Monica, according to Urbanize Los Angeles.

The project tried to get the city to approve the planned development from 2019 onwards as mixed-use development with a focus on office and retail space. Their new proposal has added a total of 20 apartments, with five affordable units available versus the previous two affordable units, and the ground floor with 2,300 square feet of retail space and 14 parking spaces.

The building is designed by William Adams Architects and has not significantly altered the proposed exterior of the building.

This plan is likely to be approved by the Santa Monica Architectural Review Board.

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