Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Rams, Sunday October 24th

That was a focal point against the Bengals last week, and Cincinnati were still able to make three plays of over 30 yards to score points.

Stafford and the Rams’ skill weapons are on a whole different level. Stafford heads the NFL with seven completes from over 40 yards on Sunday.

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson can still take the lead on a defense, while Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods have hit 1,006 yards together this season, the most of any receiver duo in the league.

Even running back Darrell Henderson Jr. has stepped into the big action for the Rams. He has 491 scrimmage yards and five scrimmage touchdowns in 2021.

The Rams have scored 29.8 PPG (6th in the NFL) while the Lions have allowed 28.7 PPG this season (T-25th).

There are a few stats that really explain some of the Lions’ offensive battles this season. First, they’ve never owned the ball with the lead. Second, they are double digits in the second half of every game this season.

Starting off slowly, playing from behind and never starting aggressively in pace or rhythm are not recipes for success in the NFL.

Detroit was beaten by 92-33 points in the first half of this season’s games. Somehow, Lynn and the Lions Offensive need to find a way to get started faster. They need to write it better, then get out of the way with some of the penalties and negative plays that plagued them early in the games.

Expect a little more no-huddle and two minutes of offensive today as Detroit tries to get Goff and that offensive into some sort of pace and rhythm.

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